• 01. Hail to my demons
    02. Cold night
    03. All is lost
    04. All the falling leaves
    05. Down in the valley
    06. This Damn City
    07. Oracle
    08. Haunt you like a Owl
    09. Road to Nowhere
    10. Axel


    the lame shall enter first

    [engl] LAME is a blues lo-fi punk three-piece from Torino, Italy featuring Massimo Scocca from 90's Italian garage bands CAVE DOGS and TWO BO's MANIACS, Colombian drummer Maria Mallol Moya and Stefano Isaia of MOVIE STAR JUNKIES. Follow them to the den of iniquity, where Satan tells you bugs, goats and witches how to obey, be the speaking choir to the DWARVES intoning DEAD MOON! Cut this on a record! Jump between folk pop heaven and garage hell! It´s the dark, thick blood that is meant to put out the hellfire blaze. A weird mix of noise punk madness, lonely ballads, country sickness and stomping blues. "The lame shall enter first" is named and illustrated after the 60´s American essayist Flannery O´Connor and one of her shorts stories. Cover art by Tim Kerr of MONKEYWRENCH and JACK O' FIRE fame. Mastering done by Crypt recs. head honcho Tim Warren! Fans of GORIES, an on the other side of the street PUSSY GALORE / HUNCHES rip out a big part of your bible and eat the pages, wait at the gates, the LAME shall enter first!
    LP [incl.DC]
    EAN 4260119670730

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    [engl] "Alone and Alright" is the second LP of LAME on ALIEN SNATCH! RECORDS and follow ups two 12" Singles. Ten songs recorded by Massimiliano Moccia (MOVIE STAR JUNKIES) and masterd by Tim Warren (CRYPT) w
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    Dejad Que Vengan One Sided

    [engl] “A decade after the international boom of the Iberian Hardcore scene and its subsequent decline, some members of the bands ORDEN MUNDIAL and BARCELONA, scattered around Europe, got together to form

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    Winchester Mystery House

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