• 01. Evelyn
    02. Deep In The Barn
    03. Disappear
    04. Memories
    05. When You´ll Be Mine
    06. Ice Cold Judah
    07. Alone And Alright
    08. Sue
    09. All Your Lies
    10. We Shall Overcome



    [engl] "Alone and Alright" is the second LP of LAME on ALIEN SNATCH! RECORDS and follow ups two 12" Singles. Ten songs recorded by Massimiliano Moccia (MOVIE STAR JUNKIES) and masterd by Tim Warren (CRYPT) with an exclusive artwork by french illustrator Marie Pierre Brunel. LAME is outstanding Colombian drum girl and chanteuse galore Maria Mallol Moya and man-between-many-dimensions Stefano Isaia (vocals, guitar, MOVIE STAR JUNKIES) and Massimo Socca (guitar, CAVE DOGS and and 90´s Italian garage punk pioneers TWO BO´s MANIAC). They drag us deeper and deeper into their forest of darkness, when the needle drop on the record it´s a drung binge loop of bloodloss and pumping veins. Death cult garage post-punk with poisoned easy-listening harmonies and life prolonging rhythms evoking unseen roads through swamp rock winter nights. Stomp to their blues, beware the quicksand and pop swirls of hysteria right next. This should be the soundtrack of an upcoming, last TRUE DETECTIVE series in devastated neo-noir setup. Watch LAME all-over the place - at least Europe! They love the stage for real.
    EAN 4260119670884

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