• 01. KUNY - I can see the changes
    03. DESIRA - Gorilla
    04. ROCK FOLLIES - O.K.?
    05. TWINKLE RIPLEY - Caroline
    06. MISTY - Resurrection shuffle
    07. KRISTINE SPARKLE - Eight days a week
    08. GLO MACARI - Lookin' for love
    09. LELLY BOONE - When will I be loved
    10. C. STAR - Bad boy
    11. VICKY FURY - Flipper story
    12. AYSHEA - Farewell
    13. HEART - Lovemaker
    14. VIC LEZAL'S PROFESSIONALS - Blitz at the Ritz


    Knuckle Girls Vol. 1 (14 Bovver Blitzers from the Sequined Sisters Tuff Enuff to Rumble with any Mister)

    [engl] an All-Girl Foot-Stompin' Bovver Rock Compilation!
  • 01. MARCUS HOOK ROLL BAND - Natural Man (1972)
    02. COLOURED BALLS - Heavy Metal Kid (1974)
    03. STEVIE WRIGHT - Hard Road (1974)
    04. FAT DADDY - Roll Daddy Roll (1976)
    05. RABBIT - I Like To Hear My Music (1976)
    06. JACKIE CHRISTIAN & TARGET - The Last Time I Go To Baltimore (1974)
    07. SKYHOOKS - Living In The 70s (1974)
    08. JOHNNY DICK - The Warrior (1975)
    09. TED MULRY - You've Got It (1977)
    10. JOHN PAUL YOUNG - Yesterday's Hero (1975)
    11. HUSH - Mindrocker (1974)
    12. LA FEMME - Chelsea Kids (1979)
    13. SUPERNAUT - The Kids Are Out Tonight (1977)
    14. TASTE - Boys Will Be Boys (1976)


    Sharpies (14 Aggro Aussie Anthems From 1972 To 1979)

    [engl] Sharpies were the terror teen cast of a Richard Allen novel that never was. Although largely synonymous with the early-to-mid 1970s, reports of their violent clashes with rival gangs of Mods are documented as early as 1966. Bored, working-class, suburban kids, their teenage rampage began in Melbourne, Australia, but soon there were Sharpie gangs forming in Sydney, Perth and beyond. For a while they were the untouchables, ruling dances, discos and public transport with their fists. Sharpies were fiercely territorial and divided into different chapters according to location. They would often wage aggressive wars within their tightly delineated sub-gangs, although Mods always remained their arch-enemy. Sharpies were the scourge of the railways. Although they would seldom attack members of the general public, if you gave them a second look you’d be lucky to escape with your wallet intact. Violence was their world, but always with a strict moral code. Sharpie boys and girls wore similar uniforms: a slim-fitting, ribbed and collared cardigan called a Conny, T-shirts, tight jeans (Lee or Levis) and big platform shoes. Girls’ shoes had 100% cork heels. Boys’ shoes were often two-coloured. Hair was worn short or shaved with long wisps at the back, influenced by the British ska, mod and skinhead subcultures. Sharpie girls had their hair slightly longer and often with coloured streaks - Bowie-red was their colour of choice. Boys often bleached their hair. Tattoos were popular, although many were homemade and poorly executed. Their diet was anthemic glam-rock (Slade, Sweet, T.Rex, Bowie, Gary Glitter) kung-fu movies and A Clockwork Orange. The music of local heroes like Lobby Loyde and The Coloured Balls, AC/DC, Skyhooks and Hush provided their daily soundtrack. They even had their own tribal dance, a rhythmic sway with knees bent and fists clenched and pumping upwards across their chests. As the 1970s drew to a close, and new styles like punk and disco began to emerge, Sharpies started to fade. By 1979 they were all-but gone. Today they are recognised as an important part of Australian youth culture and social history. Enjoy their music...
  • cover



  • cover


    Naughty kids

  • 01. All Hail Zebulon!
    02. Alien Song
    03. Seafood
    04. Cut it Out
    05. Supersad
    06. Agatha


    Teenage Terrified

    [engl] Teenage Terrified is the debut E.P. by Hamburger, a Bristol band formed over a chance meeting at a vegan fast food joint. Consisting of six friends, Hamburger have mixed the raw, immediate feeling of home/bedroom recording with the poppier sound of studio recordings with Dom Mitchison of Humm Studios. Teenage Terrified takes in a range of flavours, from the sing-songy, slacker pop of Zebulon, to the more ethereal, dreamy and melodic Seafood, to the intensely personal, stripped back and introspective Agatha. Every time you try to define Hamburger’s sound, they will surprise you and take you somewhere a little different. Having said that…one can definitely hear the sonic influence of Elliott Smith, Alex G, Sparklehorse and Built to Spill. Pink vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies
    EAN 619793366318
  • 01. NO TIME
    02. Nikes (Alt)
    03. Scram!
    04. N O D R E A M
    05. State Line
    06. f a m e
    07. Leave It In The Sun
    08. The Beauty Of Breathing
    09. Old Crap
    10. ***BNB
    11. Monday At The Beach
    12. Honeymoon Ashtray
    13. Ohio Tpke


    No Dream

    [engl] NO DREAM is the 4th studio record from the Death Rosenstock band full of chords, words, beats and more! Tracked live in a big room for that classic "is that a mistake?" sound by Grammy-nominated recorded "Grammy Jack" Shirley, you are GUARANTEED to have not heard this record before you've listened to it! We hope it makes you feel good, but if it doesn't, that's on you sorry.
    EAN 0619793366295
    EAN 0619793366288
  • 01. Run The Night
    02. Out Of The Dark
    03. I’m A Freak
    04. Ship Of Ghosts


    A Wicked Selection by Martin Weaver

    [engl] LIMITED TO 500 HAND–NUMBERED COPIES! NOT TO BE REPRESSED! Martin Weaver, Wicked Lady’s main man and proto–doom / psychedelic hard rock pioneer, has chosen his favorite tracks from the two Wicked Lady albums, Axeman Cometh (1969–1972) and Psychotic Overkill (1972), presented here in a cool picture disc. Including the classics "Run The Night" (pure fuzz–wah hell, sounding like a mix between Black Sabbath and The Stooges!) and "I’m A Freak" (a proto–Motörhead hard–rock bomb!) plus the cool "Out Of The Dark" and the 21 minute epic suite "Ship Of Fools", where Martin pushes his guitar to the limit!
  • 01. Blind Faith
    02. Article Two (The Handgun Song)
    03. Depression
    04. Love And War (Alternate Version)
    05. War Was Raging On
    06. Non–Surgical Lobotomy
    07. Breathe In Deep
    08. Paranoid Song
    09. Destitute
    10. Another Day


    Undesirable Element

    [engl] Arriving to the world for the first time, really–beyond the ears of the deep–digging few–Dale Jenkins’ Undesirable Elements, issued privately in the Washington, D.C. area circa 1985, is a homespun effort deserving of the audience and attention it never received upon initial release. Undesirable Elements–here expanded as Undesirable Element with appended bonus tracks–is a desolate and deconstructed album which touches on the subtleties and extremes of the human condition, and the nuances in between, across gnarled bits of proto–punk via abrasive, fuzzed guitars, and refracted mutant strains of British post–punk through a distinctly American underbelly sensibility. Drum–led and in–the–red, Undesirable Elements is a loose concept album of sorts, from the sympathetic pen of an innately skilled commentator. The album displays polemical disdain for the behavior of humans, insular views, and blindly moving forward on simple suggestion, while carrying a keen eye into the many textures of the mindscape of man. While you may hear occasional tears at aiming at the trends of the times, Jenkins’ direct, intensely personal and lyrically sophisticated material, combined with his charged attack, is in a realm all its own. Jenkins’ lyrics are nearly cinematic, like bite–sized scripts, or character vignettes, filled with wizened, introspective and radicalized perspective. The self–contained home–recording maverick was searching, sensitive, subversive, topical, yet several steps from the soapbox. Got Kinda Lost Records is over the moon to allow this unique, outsider singer–songwriter/psych–punk album another turn at its time in the shine...
  • 01.Sauerkrank
    02.Dernier Kebap
    03.How Could Punk Be Dead When I´m Still Alive?
    04.Specter Train
    05.Marseille Streets Of Hate
    06.Razor Rock
    07.Papa´s In The Bunker
    08.Vichy Bubble Gum
    09.Innsmouth Summer Dream
    10.We Are Le Stress Klub
    11.Zücker Und Milch
    12.La France Je M´en Branle


    Sauerkrank/ Opupo 4

    „Frankreich muß sterben, damit wir leben können!“ Olivier „Escobar“ Gasoil aus Marseille ist „sauerkrank“, besessen von NDW, frühen teutonischen Punk-Perlen und der deutschen Sprache im Allgemeinen. Das ist bekannt. Mit LA FLINGUE und den IRRITONES lebt er diese Obsession in einer snotty Garage/KBD-Version sehr straight aus, mit den HATEPINKS gibt er sich deutlich verspielter, elektronischer. 16 Jahre nach dem letzten regulären Studioalbum (das „Stork Club“ Live-Intermezzo nicht mitgerechnet), jetzt zwölf neue HATEPINKS-Zynismen auf Elektro/Wave/Punk-Basis. Die Auferstehung mit Teil 4 der „Oupupo“ Serie. Ritalin’n’Razors! Manisch-obsessiv, hochgradig detailverliebt, schwer irritierend und zu jeder Sekunde bestens unterhaltend. „Dernier Kebab“ gefällig? Oder lieber „(Scheiß) Milch und (Scheiß) Zucker“? Gesungen wird französisch, englisch und immer wieder in Pidgin-Deutsch. FOYER DES ARTS meets SCREAMERS, STARSHOOTER und METAL URBAIN in einer alkoholbefüllten Moulinette. Geschreddert, nicht geschüttelt.
  • 01. Enemy
    02. Terminal
    03. How Did It Feel?
    04. Stagnation
    05. Travesty
    06. Prison
    07. Effigy
    08. Violent Minds
    09. Modern Addictions
    10. Casualty


    Volume 1

    [engl] SLANT are back with 17 minutes of pure bristling rage. Corrosive hardcore music for the pit AND the pendulum recalling the stomping catchy vibes of recent luminaries like BOSTON STRANGLER or VIOLENT REACTION but channeling back to previous 80s hitters in the YOUTH OF TODAY/MINOR THREAT vein too. All with an absolutely visceral feminine, ahem... slant to it. Ha, I couldn't resist that one. This band is a shining light in the South Korean scene and is anxious to get out in the world once the world happens again. We can't wait for you to see that.
  • 01. Gare Montparnasse
    02. Guernica
    03. Light Trapped IVa
    04. Man In The Cafe
    05. Pigeon II
    06. Stacked Logs
    07. Time Lapse
    08. Light Trapped IVb
    09. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
    10. Comfort Food
    11. Four Pillars
    12. Light Trapped IVc
    13. Light Trapped
    14. Quality Of Death
    15. Modern Vision Of The Erect Nightmare
    16. Light Trapped IVd
    17. Black Iron Prison
    18. Trapped Light


    Public Humiliation II

    [engl] When Iron Lung Records hosted a weekend of shows to celebrate our 10 years of being a label we secretly recorded a bunch of the sets hoping to catch some magic. We knew that the two bands were collaborating with the intention of doing a one-time performance especially for us which is a beautiful thing on it's own and a true testament to that group of people being 10 steps ahead of most bands anyway. We knew it would be intense but holy shit... to say that GAS CHAMBER and BLACK IRON PRISON are merely "intense" is a gross understatement. They are relentlessly and deeply immersed in their own musical world of mental, spiritual and physical annihilation. This would prove to be GAS CHAMBER's final performance. 500 copies on black 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with download card included. Recorded live at The Vera Project in Seattle WA. The record is an exact representation of the set without edits (except for a fade out/in for the side break) for time or tuning or any of that other shit that lesser bands do.
  • 01. Get Rich Quick
    02. Why Did You Leave Me
    03. Taxi Blues
    04. Every Hour
    05. I Brought It All On By Myself
    06. Ain't Nothin' Happenin'
    07. Thinkin' Bout My Mother
    08. Please Have Mercy On Me
    09. Always
    10. Ain't That Good News
    11. Fool At The Wheel
    12. Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens
    13. Maybe I'm Right
    14. Directly From My Heart To You
    15. I Love My Baby
    16. Little Richard' Boogie


    The Implosive

    [engl] Finally on vinyl! This great set illustrates the (re)construction process of the wildest, freest identity in rock`n`roll history. Here are all Richard?s first recordings from the early fifties with the Johnny Otis and Billy Wright bands, the Deuces of Rhythm and the Tempo Toppers. All his pre-Specialty, pre-Tutti Frutti waxings: his four RCA singles and all the 45s he recorded for Peacock Records. Gatefold sleeve with extensive liners, label shots, dozens of pictures, vintage press clipping and reviews.
  • 01. One More Shot
    02. Short-Brain
    03. Fathom
    04. Idling Engines


    Short Brain

    [engl] Chicago Power Poppers 'The Fur Coats are back with this 4 track EP to coincide with their UK tour. Short-Brain is the latest 7? by The Fur Coats, the musical vehicle of Chicagoan (recently Brooklynite) Marc Ruvolo. Marc has enjoyed a long and storied career as a musician and promoter, from booking his first DIY punk show in 1984, to fronting a number of long-running bands (No Empathy, Traitors, The Atari Star, Das Kapital), to running the Johann’s Face Records label (since 1989 – recently passed the one-hundred-release mark!). Wanting to tour more frequently, but finding the original members of the Coats unavailable, Ruvolo has now opted for a revolving cast of characters in terms of live and studio rhythm sections. Joining him for the four songs on Short-Brain are John Polydoros (Off With Their Heads, Vacation Bible School) along with Chris Mattern on bass, with Kyle Manning (Tens/Costanza), handling drum duties. The 7? also features cover art by the UK’s scribblin’ wunderkind, Wolfmask. The four songs on Short-Brain fall into the realm of pop-punk/power-pop, and showcase Ruvolo’s love for melody, while still throwing in an odd lyrical turn or two. Recorded in Chicago, if you listen closely you can hear the influences of some of his favorite favorite bands: Naked Raygun, The Smoking Popes, and the Buzzcocks.
  • 01. Jackie Brenston - My Real Gone Rocket
    02. Lonnie The Cat - I Ain't Drunk
    03. Matt Cockrell - Gypsy Blues
    04. Jesse Knight - Nobody Seems To Want Me
    05. The Sly Fox - I'm Tired Of Begging
    06. Willie King - Peg Leg Woman
    07. Johnny Wright - Suffocate
    08. Billy Gayles - Just One More Time
    09. Gardinias - My Baby's Tops
    10. Clayton Love - The Big Question
    11. Kenneth Churchill - Would You Rather
    12. Chuck Bernard - Calling Your Name
    13. Starrs - Ain't Got No Home
    14. Icky Renrut - Ho Ho


    Real Gone Rocket

    [engl] Besides being an excellent boogie pianist and guitarist supremo, Ike Turner shone as a top-notch composer, producer and talent scout. It's a fact that Ike was at the same professional level as some of the biggest names of the day, whom he worked with on a number of occasions. This new 45?s compilation shines light on this little-known aspect of his artistic career as the genius-behind-the-curtains in several recordings by other artists. Included are R&B essentials such as ?My Real Gone Rocket? or ?I Ain?t Drunk? by the legendary Jackie Brenston and Lonnie the Cat, as well as obscure numbers ?never re-issued till now
  • 01. Bite Me
    02. Waiting
    03. I'm Freaking Out


    Bite Me

    [engl] Marvelous Mark is the moniker of Mark Fosco, formerly of the band Marvelous Darlings, which also included Matt Delong from No Warning and Ben Cook who plays guitar in Fucked Up. Essentially they were a Toronto punk supergroup "before they were famous", but their limited catalogue - a string of seven-inches - stuck like staples within a cult fanbase long after they called it quits. Now Mark has a solo project. With the title track previously released on Ben Cook's own label Bad Actors, Bite Me is made up of three succinct tracks so infectious they should come with their own NHS advice leaflet. We’re talking power-pop with punk roots. It's every bit as brilliant as you'd expect from a guy who uses "Marvelous" as a prelude to his actual name. Sound of your summer.
  • 01. Slack Alice - Motorcycle Dream
    02. Cherry Vangelder-Smith - Silver Boy
    03. Kristine Sparkle - Eight Days A Week
    04. Babe Ruth - Ain't That A Living
    05. Nqb - Long Long Weekend
    06. Bobby Mcghee - Rock N Roll People
    07. Carol & The Boston Garden - Suzuki 75
    08. Bonnie St Claire & Unit Gloria - That's My Music
    09. Vicky Fury - Flipper Story
    10. Cool Breeze - Mony Mony
    11. Pan's People - Can You Really Rock N Roll Me
    12. Die Fee - Halli Hallo
    13. Punchin Judy - Settle Down
    14. Gisela Dressler Und Die Electra-Combo - Can The Can


    GLAMSTAINS Volume 3: Cherry Bombs

    [engl]  All girl Volume, with Linernotes and 45 sleeves (black and white) on the back.
  • 01. Guts
    02. Horses
    03. Lewisham
    04. You Married A Tortured Genius
    05. Donkey Of The Damned
    06. She Cut Her Finger
    07. Running
    08. Los Angeles
    09. Elbows
    10. Always The Same
    11. There's Me
    12. Go Easy
    13. Rambo


    Feel The Wonkness

    [engl] Wonk Unit were formed several years ago by Alex Johnson, formerly of The Flying Medallions, I’m told they began as a performance art project, essentially a vehicle for vocalist Alex. Alex Johnson is a one off. He provokes reaction. Poet, songwriter, performer, "tourtured soul", there isn't much that life hasn't already thrown at him. Wonk Unit have released several albums on CD and become one of the hardest working bands in the UK, playing countless gigs (I mean, they even have their own festival, Wonk Fest!). An obvious reference point would be Snuff (hell, Duncan Redmonds even plays on some songs and occasionally drums for them live), with the perfect UK pop- punk sound, organ and horns. Wonk Unit are much more than that though, with songs that are fun, energetic, heartfelt, thought provoking, angry, hilarious, exciting and catchy as fuck. Never afraid to push boundaries, whilst having a sound born out of Snuff/ Wat Tyler/ China Drum, they still have an originality that makes them unique. With songs chosen by the band, Johanns Face and Drunken Sailor and taken from the albums 'Trolleys, Muffy, Nervous Racehorse and a couple of exclusive songs, we think it is the perfect introduction to one of the best UK bands.
  • 01. Harpo - My Teenage Queen
    02. Rabbit - Wildfire
    03. Vodka Collins - Automatic Pilot
    04. Shakane - You Go Your Way
    05. Bilbo Baggins - Dance To The Band
    06. Rats - Don't Let Go
    07. Strange Fox - Tiger Woman
    08. Katz-Kasenetz Singing Orchestral Circus - Quick Joey Small
    09. Feather - Stupid Girl
    10. Renegade - A Little Rock'n'Roll
    11. Stevie Wright - Evie
    12. Albatross - Tobacco Road
    13. Arrows - I Love Rock'n'Roll
    14. Big Wheel - Shake A Tail


    Glamstains Vol. 4: Toughen Up

    [engl] More obscure Glam Rock that never made it.
  • 01. Back
    02. Kind
    03. Whisper
    04. Lose
    05. Other Way
    06. Sense
    07. Gone
    08. Wrote
    09. Shine
    10. Listen
    11. Tell Me
    12. Reasons


    Gone, Gone, Gone

    [engl] “New 12 song, 30 minuted LP. 3 years in the making. Dissonance and melody. Superchunk and hardcore,” guitarist and co-vocalist Daryl Gussin explains. Joined by drummer Adrian Tenney, the pair formed out of God Equals Genocide to create some lo-fi brilliance. Arriving about three years after the release of their debut 12? EP We Move, Gone, Gone, Gone is a jam-packed collection of swiftly delivered raucous-pretty hits, a sun-drenched living room window before & after being broken. The duo is comprised of drummer/vocalist Adrian Tenney (also of Badlands) and guitarist/vocalist Daryl Gussin, whose voices mesh sweetly & perfectly, layered over ferocious whirlwinds of guitar and drums. This one’s dying for you to play it loud and often. Angry, visceral and urgent. Essential.
  • 01. Scumbag
    02. Boot To The Face
    03. How Badly Do Things Suck Right Now?
    04. Hey Man (Backup Plan)
    05. Sleepyhead
    06. Last Laugh
    07. Ugly Line
    08. Call Me Cal
    09. The Basement Song
    10. Life Underneath


    Life Underneath

    [engl] If ever a band were to wear their influences firmly on their sleeves, in bright glowing colours that could be seen from miles away regardless of the weather conditions, then it would be the Young Leaves. It doesn't take long to ascertain what those influences are, either by listening to their music or by visiting their Facebook page, which unashamedly name-checks the bands that come to mind having placed the needle on this LP. Some people are firmly against the revisiting of any sort of sound from the past as they constantly seek something new to listen to, and I occasionally hear something that has me bemoaning the idea that “This has been done before and by so many bands, so please move on.” On the other hand, though, you will sometimes listen to a band who are paying homage to a sound, a band or a genre and think, “Yes, this is a job well done.” I guess the problem is, it’s hard for the band to get that balance right and to make music that can sound as if it’s got something fresh to offer. The Young Leaves, a trio from Massachusetts, get the job well done by sounding as if they really should have been playing alongside bands such as Dinosaur Jr., Buffalo Tom and Jawbreaker, as well as all of the other indie rock bands that were popular way back in the mid-to-late 1980s. I liked a lot of that stuff back then but haven’t listened to many of the bands in a few years, so hearing Life Underneath is a really enjoyable experience. The one "modern" band that comes to mind when playing this is Dan Webb and the Spiders, and on looking at the Young Leaves’ Facebook page it’s no surprise to see these two bands playing together in the near future. The songs have hooks aplenty, with the guitars based around that slightly fuzzed sound of yesteryear (I’m no guitar tech, so the myriad of guitar pedals that could possibly have been used here are beyond me) that has a warming quality to it—almost like someone wrapping their arms around you and immediately creating a glow inside that heats your body from the inside. Vocally, it’s really got a deep kind of J Mascis quality going on—again, one of the key elements that is able to warm the cockles of your heart when listening to this. The quality is constant throughout and the band do a grand job of recreating and creating music like that many of us grew up listening to and that influenced many who heard it to take up arms themselves. Hats off to the Young Leaves and also to Drunken Sailor Records for releasing this fine piece of work (which features great cover art, too).
  • 01. Noise By Numbers - Southgate House
    02. Noise By Numbers - Lost Luggage
    03. The Magnificent - Don’t Send Me Flowers
    04. The Magnificent - King of the Denim Jackets



  • 01. Pissing Blood
    02. Song For Lance
    03. ULPS
    04. Webpage (Honey Mustard's Little Brother)


    Pissing Blood

  • 01. A World To Rebuild
    02. Remedy The Unsane
    03. The Closing Door (Remix)
    04. Revenge
    05. Discarded Tale
    06. Over And Over (Remix)


    A World To Rebuild

    [engl] A year after the release of Bleakness first album « Functionally Extinct » december 2020 will see the release of another Bleakness record entitled « A world To Rebuild ». Rather than a continuation of the album, this records must be considered as an extension since it features tracks recorded in May 2019 at Swan Sound Studio during the same session as the full lenght. This 6 songs EP includes the two very last songs written before the band entered Swan Sound Studio : « A World To Rebuild » and « Revenge », some may see in these an indicator of the direction that the next recordings will take. This record also includes re-recorded and slightly different versions of Discarded Tales and Remedy The Unease, this one was previously released as an instrumental on the Disquietude 2018 demo. And to give even more consistency to this 12 », long time friends Jacky Cadiou (from Syndrome 81) and Ryan Pattersion (known as Fotocrime) have worked on remixes of « The Closing Door » and « Over and Over ». The result is both varied and coherent, this limited 12” is a collection of dark and bleak melodies played in different forms. Depending on their mood, the listener can enjoy these sad Bleakness hymns in a raging post-punk or almost cold wave and terribly dancing way.
  • 01. Hot Steel and Acid
    02. After Your Goodtimes Gone
    03. I'm a Degenerate
    04. Necessities
    05. You Smell Like Fish
    06. Red On White
    07. Just Head
    08. On the Avenue
    09. Someone Else In your Arms
    10. Last Chance
    11. You want Me Back Again
    12. Loretta


    Eaterville Vol. 2

    [engl] With the usual delay, comes the long-awaited second volume dedicated to rescuing unreleased recordings by this classic, killer band from Boston. After the demos and singles on Rat, included in the fantastic Volume 1, get ready for the fabulous sequel which includes mostly live material never before released. But Eaterville Vol. 2 is not a compilation of low-fi recordings, rehearsals, etc., but a collection of material taken from radio broadcasts or recorded directly from the soundboard of the clubs where they used to appear almost weekly between 1976 and 1979. Here you will find more potential hits that never materialized ("Someone Else In Your Arms","Necessities") along with alternate versions of their classics ("Hot Steel And Acid", "Red On White") and completely over the top live versions of their most explosive material ("Just Head","Degenerate") All with remastered sound, Paul McGuire liner notes, previously unreleased photos and vintage press-clippings.
    EAN 8436006676413