• 01. Cease To Grieve
    02. A.P.A.C
    03. Texas Clouds
    04. Let U Know
    05. Weekend Shadows
    06. Octa
    07. Traffic
    08. Can`t Take It
    09. Carryon
    10. 2 Car Garage


    Thanks // No Thanks

    [engl] Vinny Earley is the brain (floating in a jar) behind the LA based band Vaguess. You might have seen him around. He's pretty tall, kind of looks like a mix between Hulk Hogan and Bart Simpson and is probably standing in the corner of a house party flicking lit matches at the wall, and talking about how GG Allin wasn't even really that gross. In reality, Earley would more likely be seen surfing, skating, telling a hilarious fart joke, or ripping guitar or drums in one of a handful of heady bands in the LA scene like Diode, 2m8o, and Scam Likely. Vaguess, however, is Vinny's lifeblood. Since 2012, the band has released a dozen or so LPs and EPs, touring extensively with a rotating cast of Earley's close buds building a cult following. Vinny fearlessly traverses genres, seamlessly switching between glitchy synth punk, jangly art rock, and twangy cowpunk melded together with his singular approach to songwriting, production, and unique voice. On his latest release Thanks No Thanks, Vaguess joins forces with ETT embarking on an odyssey of bigger and bolder production, infectious melody, and introspective songwriting propelled by dialed, head-bobbing rhythms. With Thanks No Thanks, the vibe of the music shifts in controlled bipolarity as the songs flow from snotty punk tune to heart-felt ballad to dancy Indie banger. The music on this record, however, is uniformly grounded by taut drumming, angular riffing, and tunneling synth arrangements. Earley's singing style pings from more spoken, punctuated post-punk vocals to ringing, belted choruses. The lyrics feel personal, like he's working through feelings of love lost, spiritual devastation, and deep conflict with society’s inequities explored through Earley's poetic, sardonic lens. These narratives careen through the album with the help of densely arranged instrumentation and engineering magic cooked up in Earley's own homespun studio. This album is best enjoyed with headphones as the music thoughtfully swirls in stereo sound. Vaguess delivers a diverse pallet of modern rock sounds as a uniform and cohesive piece of art. Thanks No Thanks has something for nearly everyone- eggheads and spikey cretins alike. And while Vinny may not look like The Hulkster or Bart Simpson or do any of that other stuff that was said initially, he more importantly continues to contribute his singular and exciting rock n roll vison to the punk zeitgeist with a new Vaguess Record.
  • 01. Blackie And The Moonlight Serenader - Elton Two Step
    02. Shirley & Alphee Bergeron & The Veteran Playboys - Fais Do Do
    03. The Cajun Trio Plus One - La Bonne Cord, Mauvais Yo Yo
    04. Alphee Bergeron - Lover's Blues
    05. Lawrence Walker - Lena Mae
    06. Lee Sonnier And His Acadian All Stars - Along The River
    07. Lawrence Walker - The Unlucky Waltz
    08. Louisiana Lannis - Muscadine Eyes
    09. Lawrence Walker & His Wandering Aces - Keep your Hand Off It
    10. Vin Bruce - Big Texas
    11. The Cajun Trio - La Cravate
    12. Jay Stutes - Mariez Vous Donc Jamais
    13. Shirley & Alphee Bergeron & The Veteran Playboys - Quel Etoile
    14. Blackie And The Moonlight Serenaders - La Robe Barre



    [engl] The long awaited Cajun Stomps Volume 2 is now available! Houserocking collection of cajun party killers from the 50s & 60s.
  • 01. Paraiso
    02. Milky Way
    03. Enveloped Love
    04. Mawaru
    05. Sari No Shitaku
    06. Tohiko
    07. Jeopardy
    08. Mekakushi
    09. VOID
    10. Tojikome Ta



  • 01. Not The End
    02. All I Want (Is A Little Love From You)
    03. Sympathy For The Losers
    04. Get Out Of My Head!
    05. Take A Hammer, Consuela!
    06. Tied Up To The Thread You're Weaving Around Me
    07. Run The City
    08. Boredom As A Game
    09. Nothing Personal
    10. Love Is A Shed


    Smile Until It Hurts

  • 01. Theme Of 50rpm
    02. Mabui Anoko
    03. Thank You For RAMONES
    04. Nukegara Rock
    05. The Ballad Of Iron Eyes Cody
    06. Smoke Song
    07. Omaenoseidaze
    08. Tennouji Eregy
    09. Shounenin No Sonata
    10. Homeless Song
    11. Yumenaraiioni
    12. Ataigawaruinosa
    13. Saturday Night


    No Gyaaa!!

    [engl] Re-release of the first album by the Japanese garage punk gods originally released in 2005. First time on vinyl.
    EAN 4260016922334
  • 01. Man of wild said
    02. Money!Money!
    03. Drunkin march
    04. bay blues
    05. Teenage Shock
    06. Dekasegi March
    07. We are the Kids
    08. Daily Worker Blues
    09. After School Rock'n'Roll
    10. Let me Rock
    11. War and Politician
    12. Youngers On The Road


    No Biribiri!!

    [engl] Re-release of the second album by the Japanese garage punk gods originally released in 2005. First time on vinyl.
    EAN 4260016922343
  • 01. Triple Dragon
    02. Friends
    03. Break
    04. Ice Summit
    05. 10th Dimension Advertisement Apocalypse
    06. Teacher Part II
    07. Circuit Breaker
    08. My Girl
    09. Phantom Mantis
    10. Checkers



    [engl] ETT is honored to bring another mindblowing debut LP on your turntable. All the way from Naarm (Melbourne, Australia) we have a unique debut album. Jordan from Pinch Points, Miranda from Dr Sure's Unusual Practice, Tom from Gonzo and Dragnet, Amada from Carpet Burn, Gutter Girls plus Chris and Erik from Hobsons Bay Coast Guard. What do you get when you put these people in one practice room? Yes - CHECKPOINT! This is a no-filler record; every song feels as though it’s been crafted carefully, and explored fully. There is so much to explore here and every listen will make you piece this puzzle even better. It’s pretty damn catchy, and old spiky punks might find themselves nodding along as they grumble. Front to back, DRIFT is like shotgunning a Red Bull. It never slows down, it has some solid punk grit and the speed and style works in the album’s favor. Each track has just enough variation to keep you hungry and the song topics at times will have you questioning if the world will make it! It’s always good to see this loose coalition of bands keep the spirit of 00's garage punk alive and supercharged into the now. I won’t throw around the usual references, but this is the type of attitude that first turned my ear to this style and it’s just getting better. It’s exhilarating, and already leaves me breathless for the next release. It’s music you can’t help but enjoy. I think you are under the impression that this is an album by the amazing band Checkpoint. After purchasing the record and enjoying it, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you were correct and you would do it again.
  • 01. The Black
    02. Cry Me
    03. Workin In A War
    04. Shame on You
    05. Going Down
    06. All The Children
    07. Get Ya
    08. All By Myself
    09. Policeman
    10. Mommy
    11. Someday


    Slow Gems

    [engl] It's still out there, the spirit of the working class. Maybe not necessarily where Marx had placed him. Today, the saturated middle class with their own home, double garage and annual vacation in Thailand stands on the assembly lines of Ford or BMW. The new working class delivers food under precarious conditions in the service of turbo-capitalism, drives bus night shifts, does the dirty work of a professor on a temporary assistant contract or wipes the butts of dementia sufferers for a little applause from the balconies of the higher earners. So new times, which of course are still the same as they always were. There are “those up there”. And there are the people who keep the store running, who straighten their backs and grit their teeth. And who urgently need a beer in the evening. Because the best place is still at the bar. Somewhere between Birth, School, Work, Death there are blues, sweat and beer. Fits pub rock. Pubrock is the grassroots movement of rock'n'roll. Born in the late 1960s and early 1970s, it brought music back from the oversized stages to the basement clubs and pubs, especially in the English industrial districts, where “workers” were actually still crowding around. Where people drank, laughed and argued. Where the motto was “pub fights, pub gets along” and huge keyboard towers, Mussorgsky adaptations and delicately blown fairy hair were laughed at in never politically correct expressions. Against the then omnipresent mantra of higher!, more complex!, more delicate! Pub rockers used the simplicity of the blues, gut feeling rhythm rumbling, cleaver riffs, brutally fast hooklines and clenched fists raised in the air. If you want, you can interpret pub rock as the anti-thesis to capitalism. Because although essentially “apolitical”, the lack of ambition for “bigger things” alone means the refusal of permanent growth. And what was forced by the oil crisis in the 1970s - the practical end of the suddenly unaffordable touring throughout the country - also meant, conversely, a return to one's own strengths and resources. “Act local” also meant “in the local pub in your neighborhood”. (A rogue who draws parallels to the current crisis of rock musicians, who are losing their tours in droves and who can hardly call themselves professionals anymore, because that would mean that they could somehow make a living from their music.) Back then, pub rock triggered the reboot of rock music, was the necessary initial spark and the stepping stone for punk and everything that came after. Sometimes later eaten by one's own children or swept under the carpet of history and largely forgotten - Kursaal Flyers, Dr. Feelgood, Eddie & The Hotrods, Brinsley Schwarz - but sometimes also matured into a central actor or mentor - Nick Lowe, Joe Strummer, Ian Dury, Elvis Costello. And despite the limited resources, pub rock was anything but provincial, it unhesitatingly usurped and "appropriated" what works in every pub in the world, whether in Connewitz/Saxony or Bozeman/Montana: country casualness, heavy rock depth , tinkling honky-tonk pianos, the fearless musical freedom of a Wurlitzer speaker. Since then, the only thing that has been important is that it has to work. And the people there, on this mini stage with their mini equipment, have to fit. To dirty toilets full of stickers and stupid graffiti, to puddles of beer, unwashed hair, worn out clothes. Even with Schneckenkönich everything seems a bit dirty and greasy; Hair, denim jackets, and anyway the music, which revolves around a few blues patterns and would inevitably be denounced as "authentic", "honest" and "handmade" in the three-part announcements that might be left in the local press. A friend of the band once called it “the finest working-class hippie shit” and that pretty much says it all. The rest is available at the counter in the evening.
  • 01. Vinyl Change The World
    02. Hambarger Hill
    03. Hoshininatuta Futari
    04. Sinsekai Blues
    05. Crazy Jijii
    06. Cinpira Kaidou
    07. Hotel Kasba
    08. David Bowie Wo Kidotte
    09. Eleven Hours Fifty Five Minutes
    10. Juniyougakuenn Ichinennsei
    11. Anohino Sorakara
    12. Matilda To Tabio



    [engl] If you think carefully about why Turbonegro, Guitar Wolf, The Dirtbombs, or even the entire Crypt Band catalog are of such authoritative relevance, it can all be traced back to two simple facts. Fact one. They understood their style of playing rock’n’roll. This realization sounds succinct at first, after all, any band would claim this. Only in reality most of them fail miserably. First copying others and then copying themselves is no innovation and just adds another copy to the meter records, no “most authentic” or original equipment helps, because it fails because of the songs. Fact two, and maybe this is the most underestimated factor, is the lack of humor. Without humor, you can’t play good rock’n’roll. Why am I writing this? I have seen the light, THE 50 KAITENZ from Osaka play 60s Punk as I wish it and that in a perfection that makes me dizzy. Alone the transitions from the chorus to the verse are so cleverly placed that you slap your thighs with joy, without being able to speak a single word of Japanese, you catch yourself intoning the songs loudly at an inappropriate room volume and even start to play the obligatory air guitar with pleasure. THE 50 KAITENZ, of course, don’t play pure 60s punk. Similar to Turbonegro, they have devoured 70 years of rock’n’roll history and, not to use the more appropriate word, use it shamelessly for their purposes. Punk, country, garage or beat – everything is scrutinized, distilled, stirred, shaken and stirred again to be unleashed on your auditory canals in irreverent perfection. I’m thrilled by all the tongue-in-cheek quotes, because what comes out of it is probably the most independent thing I’ve heard in the last few years in this hard-working field.
    EAN 4260016922093
  • 01. West Bank
    02. Room 322
    03. A Thief's Journal
    04. Pariah
    05. Independent
    06. Everyday Distraction
    07. Cold Hearted
    08. Ausländer
    09. Mauvaise Foi
    10. A Vote For The Unknown
    11. This City
    12. Genocide
    13. Letters
    14. In A Bind


    East / West Collection

    [engl] Spanning a recording career of way over a decade, RED DONS are finally ripe to be compiled. EAST / WEST collects choice cuts from out of print 7"s, compilation tracks and other curiosities. Popular favorite "Ausländer" from their Dirtnap released single of the same name is now finally available again on this LP to be spun into dust.
  • 01. Loops
    02. Dead Sounds
    03. Testify
    04. Hard Feelings



    [engl] RED DONS return with their first record since their 2017 GENOCIDE 7". 4 new songs of their trademark moody PDX melodic punk greatness. Cuing a "The Cast Of Thousands“ era Adverts feel, they continue their path of more matured songwriting in our post pandemic, late stage capitalist nuthouse of a society.
  • 01. Yogasvin
    02. Introgovertz
    03. Sterling No. 1
    04. Cold Hawaii
    05. Cinematic
    06. Druid
    07. Synthetic Beach
    08. Bomygre
    09. Mass Confusion



    [engl] The AddisababaBand is a 13 piece orchestra from Aarhus that has been rocking dance floors for over a decade with their mix of afrobeat, funk, jazz, a little psychedelic rock and fusion. Of course, they take inspiration from African masters like Ebo Taylor, Fela Kuti and Mulatu Astatke, but as improvisation is the driving force behind the band, they create a whole new world of Ethio jazz. Remastered version limited on 150 copies.
    LP lim
  • 01. Addis Airlines
    02. Afrobot
    03. Light
    04. Mixotropica


    Addis Airlines

    [engl] The AddisababaBand is a 13 piece orchestra from Aarhus that has been rocking dance floors for over a decade with their mix of afrobeat, funk, jazz, a little psychedelic rock and fusion. Of course, they take inspiration from African masters like Ebo Taylor, Fela Kuti and Mulatu Astatke, but as improvisation is the driving force behind the band, they create a whole new world of Ethio jazz. limited on 150 copies.
    LP lim
  • 01. Systemet
    02. Tiden är en Dröm
    03. Trittvaett
    04. Jag Kör
    05. Du är ingenting
    06. Alidhem


    Tiden är en dröm

    [engl] Ah, the joy of sadness. Who invented it? The power pop punk rockers from Umeå! This is where this unique combination of melancholy, joy, too much snow and danceable melodies was born after all. It first arrives unsuspiciously and disguised as a simple band from the garage from around the block, but then it's more fun than a buttery croissant in the morning and it is more substantial than a freshly grated cereal. But simple my ass. 6 new songs. I love them all. If you like your punk rock poppy and your sadness hidden behind too much melody, if you like to carry your beer and your heart in cans, Sekunderna's second release on Rockstar Records is more than a rich breakfast. I guess I was hungry when I wrote this.

    Melody Maker

    [engl] Supercrush are back to administer another dose of impossibly infectious guitar pop with their new EP, Melody Maker. The Seattle-based group–led by guitarist/vocalist Mark Palm along with bassist Phil Jones and drummer Allen Trainer–named their latest batch of songs after a simple student model electric guitar and a weekly rock mag of yesteryear. It’s a winking tribute to the rock n roll continuum that the band so lovingly embraces, but also a fitting nod to the band members themselves and the amount of genuine songcraft that goes into making music that sounds so effortlessly catchy. Recorded during the same sessions as Supercrush’s 2020 debut album, SODO Pop, the five songs on Melody Maker are far from throwaway leftovers. Engineered by Jones and longtime collaborator Jackson Long and then mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato, the music on Melody Maker highlights Supercrush’s split personality: equal parts soft sentimentality and loud rock bravado. “When I started doing Supercrush it was a return to my earliest musical interests,” says Palm. “I got into catchy melodic stuff and grunge bands before I even got into punk and extreme music. There was a big alt rock thing happening in eastern Canada when I was growing up, with bands like Sloan and the Doughboys getting played on MuchMusic all the time, so I was exposed to all of that. In my mind any band that’s melodic and guitar-based is fair game to be an influence on Supercrush–from The Beatles, to My Bloody Valentine, to Boston. The closing track, 'Rewind’, especially demonstrates this different approach as it forgoes percussion altogether and utilizes mantra-like lyrical repetition and the juxtaposition of layers of chaotic noise, static, and feedback over a cyclical chord progression to bring this collection to it's cathartic conclusion. Although, upon reaching that conclusion it's likely that the listener will find themselves echoing the lyrical sentiment of the final song: "I just want to start again from the beginning.” Luckily, in this case starting again is as simple as flipping the record and dropping the needle. While not a carbon copy of any one band or scene, the sounds of Supercrush will likely appeal to those with a taste for much of the "alternative" music of the early 1990's, from both North America and the UK. From Brits Swervedriver and Teenage Fanclub, to American counterparts like Sugar and Smashing Pumpkins, and even often overlooked Canadians like The Doughboys and Sloan, the common denominator is meticulously crafted pop gems, something that Supercrush also strives to achieve. Ten blissful, hook-filled, syrupy-fuzz-pop anthems; so classically '90s, yet so now.
  • 01. Hello (It's Me Are You There)
    02. Water It
    03. Fly High
    04. Oh Sister
    05. Lullaby
    06. Kampala Traffic (Skit)
    07. Tambuula
    08. Miracle
    09. Kalangala (Skit)
    10. My Life
    11. Perfect World
    12. Zola's Dance
    13. All In
    14. Don't Fuss


    Fly High

    [engl] Jaqee's last album with the promising title "Fly High" leads the inclined listener into a sometimes idiosyncratic fermentation of street-ready R'n'B, pop aesthetics, jazz intellect, world music earthiness, chanting Afro soul and sensitivity and softness of classical music and orchestral warmth, which is defined by Jaqee's voice throughout all tracks, but never overridden. Thilo "Teka" Jacks, who produced "Fly High", is looking for musical salvation and the courage to change things up in order to illustrate unity, also in busy, heated, African sub-currents like High Life, but also in European dancefloor stereotypes and even traces of soca and merengue, all of course always only thought of, because the real main actor is and remains Jaqee's sustained singing, her unique intonation and her voice, which sometimes sounds clear and angry, other times fragile and sensitive - that's the way it should be. Despite or precisely because of this immensely expressive character of the album, it is advisable to listen to the work several times: Jaqee makes music with sophistication and expression and a look that also allows for sheer black music entertainment, "Fly High" proves this with lasting effect. "Fly High" is now available on vinyl for the first time. This is a limited advance art edition.Screenprinted by Philipp Janta.
    LP lim
  • 01. Burn Berlin
    02. Dust In My Nose
    03. Twilight Of Your Idols
    04. No Brain, No Pain
    05. Malevolent Blues
    06. Insomnia
    07. State Your Hate
    08. Blindness
    09. White Noise Crisis
    10. Baotou Lake
    11. Society Undead
    12. Bleak Street
    13. Death To Nation



    [engl] Berlin City Riot Punk vs London based HC/Streetpunk. 10 Song 10", 300er Auflage.
  • 01. Baby
    02. I got Love
    03. Donna
    04. Rat
    05. Fool.
    06. Hot Fun
    07. Want Some
    08. Why
    09. Angel
    10. Dally Grind


    Come on and feel the Love

    [engl] The Love is the lovechild of Bob Belmans who after a lifetime in the dark finally takes his place in the spotlight. Like a Shaggy Roy Orbison he seduces you with his silky voice to take you then with him to the dark caverns of nasty garage-rock and deranged 60s soul. Bob Belmans was writing songs anonymously for years in his garden house, just keeping them to himself, until he felt like the time had come out and let the world hear about it. He gathered experienced forces of the Belgian underground around him with a history in bands like El Guapo Stuntteam, The Sha-la-lees, The Sore Losers and JFJ. They went to the mountains and came back two days later with ten songs about love and life, all recorded in one tumultuous weekend. No overdubs, no backing tracks, just catching the honesty and raw energy of the songs, as real as it gets. Being influenced by all things Motown, 70’s New York cool and that classic early rock and roll sound, it all comes together in a guitar driven, straightforward modern day garagerock record. Expect excitement, expect a mess, expect realness, but it won’t be boring and that’s a promise.
    EAN 4260016922246
  • 01. Born To Lose (For You)
    02. Is It True
    03. Natural Good
    04. What’s Mine
    05. Finish What You Start
    06. Wasted Youth
    07. The Jigg Is Up
    08. Tell Me
    09. It Ain’t Nova
    10. Garbage Dreams
    11. Too Little, Too Late
    12. Liar
    13. Hong Kong Sally


    Garbage Dreams

    [engl] The Sha-La-Lee’s are a belgian/dutch Proto punk/ Garage rock and roll band with former members of El Guapo Stuntteam, the Sore Losers, the Kik and Powervice. Way beyond their teens, close to being deaf, backpains and receding hairlines they are still too dumb to quit... A new album will be released end of May '23 containing 13 songs about the usual shit , love, frustation ,tragedy and lies. Link Wray, The Sonics, Oblivians, Roky Erickson, The Deadly Snakes,Chuck Berry MC5 and Reigning Sound are some of the bands the Sha-La-Lee’s have stolen from. Everything would be said in a nutshell if there wasn't more to it than that. The Sha- La-Lee’s is the logical step after 30 years of experience in the music business. Everyone knows these kitsch films, man/woman from the village goes out into the big world, does business, feels empty, comes back and finds happiness. Even if this image conveyed is wrong, there is an important narrative in it. Happiness needs direct contact. And that's how it is in rock 'n' roll. Big stages help the ego, but they never convey the real idea of rock 'n' roll. Perhaps this thought was the inspiration behind the founding of the Sha-La-Lee’s. The smell of cigarette smoke at the concert, a beer bottle to your lips instead of a half-crushed plastic cup. Conversations after the show with like-minded people instead of the same small business talks in the locked backstage area. It's a guess, but one that's suggested by the sound of the album. This rough form of writing songs, paired with 30 years of band, stage and whatever experience, makes old garage punk hearts swarm. "Garbage Dreams" has something timeless about it, a sound that doesn't pander to anyone, that's what it is - garage punk the way I love it.
    EAN 4260016922253
  • 1. Time
    2. Broken Boy
    3. Love Cuts
    4. Numb To The World
    5. Torches
    6. The Rusty Sound Of Love That Dies
    7. Survive
    8. 0806
    9. Erupt
    10. Karma



    [engl] Cancer’ is a rough, melodic rock album emanating the member’s background in hardcore and metal while the band treads new paths towards a more vulnerable expression. An approach that is a natural consequence of the dissolvement, illness and struggle that have marked the band these last years - a struggle which has now resulted in a strong and honest record about survival ‘Cancer’ is produced by Jacob Bredahl and Riverhead, recorded by Tommy Hansen, Tue Madsen and Jacob Bredahl, mastered by Brad Boatright with artwork by Liz Curso. ‘Cancer’ is released on LP/CS/Digital via Sounds of Subterrania April 28th 2023.
  • 01. The Black
    02. Cry Me
    03. Workin In A War
    04. Shame on You
    05. Going Down
    06. All The Children
    07. Get Ya
    08. All By Myself
    09. Policeman
    10. Mommy
    11. Someday


    Slow Gems

    [engl] Special Version handmade limited on 50 copies!
    LP lim
  • 01. Gokiburi Sanka
    02. Oh! All Night long!
    03. Surfin' Girl
    04. Buchikowase!
    05. Miminari Rock
    06. Mujitsu No Otoko
    07. Glory Glory
    08. Orenosora
    09. Mattaku Hanashini Narimasen
    10. Tamaniwa Lovesong Wo
    11. Nouzeishayori Aiwokomete
    12. Bun Bun Bun
    13. Kokyounoumiyo
    14. No No No
    15. Beer Love


    The 50Kaitenz no bikkuri

  • 01. Arkanoid
    02. On The Radio
    03. Obsolete Machine
    04. 28th Century Mate
    05. Video Blog
    06. The Network
    07. Rate Me Rate Me
    08. Dancefloor Queen
    09. Call The Shots
    10. The Voyage


    & the 28th Century Mates

    [engl] Johnny Notebook is back. In tow the 28th Century Mates. Having emerged from the remnants of the bands Dean Dirg, Toyotas, Metric Eyes and Tetallica, the synth-punk duo Johnny Notebook, rooted in Düsseldorf, Wuppertal and Madrid, releases all their pent-up energy onto society after almost three years. The result is the energetic, driving sound of the new long player Johnny Notebook and the 28th Century Mates. It is played with the proven mixture of the danceable beats of the Roland TR505 drum composer, the catchy cadences of the PolyKorg800 synthesizer, recurring hooklines and a ruthlessly nasal, but no less melodious voice. Influences from genre gods like Devo, Screamers and Aviador Dro are still the unmistakable foundation of Johnny Notebook. 28th Century Mates is also enriched by repeated Italo-Disco elements, for example in the form of overlaying synthesizer melodies through to shorter keyboard solos, which makes the sound a bit more positive and light-lived than on previous Johnny Notebook releases. Lyrically, many of the songs address the sometimes absurd interactions between digital and analog reality and oscillate between nostalgia, sarcasm and fatalism, without sounding even remotely melancholy
    LP lim
  • 01. Vägen Hem
    02. En Andra Chans
    03. Hjärtat
    04. Här Ha Du Ditt Liv
    05. Friheten
    06. Ingenstans Fort
    07. Nikotin
    08. Häller Andan
    09. Mellan Väggarna
    10. Sekunderna
    11. 17.00
    12. Nytt År


    Här Har Du Ditt Liv

    [engl] Have you ever wondered what would happen if you start mixing the catchy melodies of ABBA and the sex appeal of Roxette with the heavenly guitar playing of the Marked Men and the attitude of Pippi Longstocking? Well, you should have done that once. Because now Sekunderna's debut album comes as a complete surprise and hits you unprepared in the pit of your stomach and in your heart. This can be dangerous, you are not that young anymore! 12 Power Pop Punk Rock songs with the very best sing-along recipe from Umeå.