• 01. Systemet
    02. Tiden är en Dröm
    03. Trittvaett
    04. Jag Kör
    05. Du är ingenting
    06. Alidhem


    Tiden är en dröm

    [engl] Ah, the joy of sadness. Who invented it? The power pop punk rockers from Umeå! This is where this unique combination of melancholy, joy, too much snow and danceable melodies was born after all. It first arrives unsuspiciously and disguised as a simple band from the garage from around the block, but then it's more fun than a buttery croissant in the morning and it is more substantial than a freshly grated cereal. But simple my ass. 6 new songs. I love them all. If you like your punk rock poppy and your sadness hidden behind too much melody, if you like to carry your beer and your heart in cans, Sekunderna's second release on Rockstar Records is more than a rich breakfast. I guess I was hungry when I wrote this.

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    Här Har Du Ditt Liv

    [engl] Have you ever wondered what would happen if you start mixing the catchy melodies of ABBA and the sex appeal of Roxette with the heavenly guitar playing of the Marked Men and the attitude of Pippi Long

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    Maximum S&M

    [engl] Short and snappy, trashy and very powerful I-Don`t-Care-About Punk Rock from Scandinavia with the superior feeling of the good old American west coast punk/hc from the 70’s and the 80’s. You can
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    a view for glass eyes

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    old departures, new beginnings

    Das kennt man doch – ein echt fetter Burger – Veggi oder nicht, das spielt für diese Metapher wirklich keine Rolle – ein riesen Haufen Pommes, und mindestens ein halben Liter Cola oder ähnlich
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    deviant burial customs

    [engl] Spent Flesh takes highlights of American hardcore in the 1980’s and effortlessly blend them with pop punk, noise, and some avant-garde elements. This collection of songs is constantly mutating at br
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