• 01. Avec
    02. I'm Not Where
    03. Sept
    04. Le Voyage Atomique I
    05. Le Voyage Atomique II
    06. Le Voyage Atomique III



    [engl] Perilymph started a few years ago as a one man project led by Fabien de Menou, a french man living in Berlin. The first album was composed and recorded as such, Fabien recorded everything in his studio, except for the drums, which he asked his friend Fabian to record. As other friends joined in, the band was able to turn these songs into a live show. It's around this time that Fabien composed the songs for “Deux". Here, the process was a little different, and he was able to bounce ideas off everyone, and to try riffs and ideas as a band. The recording process was very similar to the first time though, with once again Fabian recording drums and Fabien taking care of the rest, as well as the production. This album is a step forward in the story of the band: moving from Fabien's bedroom songs into a band of friends.
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