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    Saint Henry

    [engl] "Two years ago as Austin’s complacency felt saturated by the overall stagnation of rock n roll, I came across The Bolos. They were young, hungry, and most importantly not just another band jumping shark and attempting to poorly play psyche. From the very beginning they stood out as a band with grit, shaping music out of creativity rather than a need to feel cool, a rare band from San Antonio to not lean on the region as a crutch but instead using it to incubate their noise and presence into something worth more than scene nods and not having to pay the cover whenever hitting up the local spot. In the time that’s passed I’ve kept a close watch on how their sound has developed, taking note as they stretch into themselves all the while climbing the impossible hill of recognition with absolute determination without the socialite stigma that often comes with it (which if we are being honest is what gets me the most stoked about the rest of the world slowly opening its heart to them). My days of tolerating bands who define themselves by rock n roll in hopes of being propped up as some holy savior of it are over, The Bolos are New York in the 70’s, a band without sly intentions or music shaped for the convenience of cool, a band who gets on the stage each night with a presence that clearly shouts, “fuck you if you can’t dig this,” never once have they seemed to need you to accept them, never once have I heard them put out a song backseating their integrity to chum up with whichever hyped sound of the week is, two years in on my awareness they have certainly proved themselves tough enough for our love".
    7" lim

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    Anywhere You Run

    [engl] Another gauzy glimpse of psych-pop sunshine rolls in from Doug Tuttle today. The a-side to his latest single from Six Tonnes de Chair, “Anywhere You Run” lopes in on a gentle jangle and a sun-fade
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    [engl] 200 copies. Hand screen printed sleeve.
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    [engl] limited
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