• 01. Between Us
    02. House Of Mirrors


    Between Us

    [engl] L.A. songwriter Tracy Bryant released his third studio album just about a year ago and the first follow-up comes in the form of a limited single split between RSTB faves Six Tonnes de Chair (France) and Third Eye Stimuli (Aus). “Between Us” was cut during the sessions for Hush but Bryant notes that it didn’t fit with the album, and I’d agree. The melancholy tone of Hush isn’t as present in the sun-streaked pop bounce of “Between Us.” Instead there’s a sense of motion and crisp air. The song’s not jubilant, but its trading wistful for winking which seems like a natural fit for Bryant. Despite its studio sheen, the simple setup feels like it shares a bit of DNA with Cronin and Segall around their humble Trouble In Mind days. Bryant hangs the song on the strength of a hummable acoustic hook, sweater-hugged harmonies, and a the kind of natural saunter that endears a song almost immediately. With a lyrical smirk at someone’s know-it-all hijinks, the song is pretty relatable too.

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