• 01. I've Got A Room At The Plaza
    02. Morning After Pal
    03. Data Stitches
    04. UNGH
    05. Permanent Meltdown
    06. Pearls
    07. Soldier Of Love (Sade)
    08. We're Doing This
    09. Stoved In


    Rocker Shocker

    [engl] Hoaries are an accomplished group of self-professed gray-hairs plying their goods in the noise rock arena to which there should be no mystery when you stop and consider they exist as somewhat a continuation of the late, great Denton, TX outfit, White Drugs (Amphetamine Reptile). Though unquestionable peers of other sovereign noise rock contempos the likes of METZ and so forth, I for one give HOARIES the creative edge. Their shape-shifting rebukes warp and bend the sonic panorama like no other; they drain the Tin Man’s oil can and take that blood to lube all the rusty gates in the ‘hood, they do, they do. At times the sound of a pair of high-functioning alcoholic plumbers swinging over-large industrial wrenches at one another within a careening bouncy house. Belligerently mid-tempo bulbousness that’ll knock your nose out of joint yet still manage to dish some hooks that you will find hard to shake. For fuck sake, they even manage to make a SADÉ cover work—strange choice, strange doings. Go figure. - Peter Davis, Your Flesh Magazine After a series of singles, a brief tour and a split 10"ep, the "pandemic" gave the band time to fully develop the new material and to reach their final form with Jeff Helland (White Drugs) leading the way on vocals and guitar, the perfect pairing with Christian Breit on second guitar (also of White Drugs), new bass warrior Bobby Weaver (from The Paper Chase on Kill Rock Stars) and Clay Stinnett (Boom Boom Box, Ghost Car) still in the drummer's seat propelling the songs forward. Featuring a bone-rattling mix by Matthew Barnhart (METZ, Superchunk), this debut full length feels more like a record from a band that has been around the block and thru the alley a few times already!

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