• 01. Fuck, He Does Not
    02. "My Name Is Chappie Johnson And I Can't Open This Damn Pickle Jar"
    03. The Four Horse Girls Of The Apocalypse
    04. Where's Punch?
    05. In Spirit, It's A Madcat
    06. Jazz Goes To Bed Early
    07. Friday Night Natty Lights
    08. One More Sip
    09. Peavey: The GameCube Of Gear
    10. Is This Tap?
    11. If I Go Over There Is It Going To Be Wet?
    12. My Body Is A Temple And I Treat It Like A Hot Topic
    13. Midwest Nice
    14. The Highest Number Is 24


    I'm Here To Drink Nattys and Fuck Shit Up, And I’m All Out Of Shit To Fuck Up

    [engl] Kansas City, MO aural-radicals Big Water have announced a new LP for May 28th, 2021, the aptly named "I Came to Drink Nattys and Fuck Shit Up and I’m Out Of Shit To Fuck Up" LP. The trio composed of Stephen Pelerito (guitar), Matt Perrin (drums/vocals) and Morgan “Punch” Mabrey (bass/vocals) excel at creating heavy, angular and off-kilter screamo (like the Gravity Records / Ebullition kind) that has a metallic punch and sludgy rawk tone. As the band says “Steve loves to write these crazy cool 13/4 into 9/8 riffs that the rhythm section (Matt and Punch) layer and maximize into a groove.” As for inspirations behind their throat-shredding lyrics on the album Perrin revealed “Curb Your Enthusiasm (“My Name Is Chappie Johnson And I Can’t Open This Damn Pickle Jar”), Mr Show (“24 Is The Highest Number”), a quote from a cop who caught us urinating on a pole as we were unloading a gear (“If I Go Over There, Is It Gonna Be Wet?”) and the repetitive wear of the 8-5 life (“In Spirit It’s A Madcat”). Before the lockdowns the band was able to share stages with such acts as God Mother (SWE), Cult Leader, Exhalants and Bighand/Bigknife who all gave horns up to their work. In addition to Big Water; the members also currently play in other KC outfits, CANYONS and BUMMER!!
    EAN 832915014519

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