• 01. Choose My Own Path
    02. Wound Up
    03. You're Only Young Once
    04. Don't Tread On Me
    05. Fight Till Death
    06. Down For The Cause
    07. Accept The Blame


    Choose my own path

    [engl] Last year REBELLION RECORDS already reissued BACKFIRE!’s classic “ALL BETS ARE OFF” album on vinyl and you know what? We will continue to do so! Because aside some all-new BACKFIRE! releases, we have some special, previously unreleased vinyl releases up our sleeves, including the band’s ‘98 “cover” EP “CHOOSE MY OWN PATH”! Of course the title-track is a hard-scorching M-town original only available on this release, but the remaining four tracks pay homage to some of the band’s influences, including covers by SLAYER, CRO-MAGS, SIDE BY SIDE and of course WARZONE! As a bonus we included two bonus-tracks on the B side that first appeared on the second volume of the notorious “M-TOWN REBELS II – AMONG THE ANGELS” compilation, for some more old school BACKFIRE! action with the superb “Down For The Cause” and a BOLD cover! “CHOOSE MY OWN PATH” was originally released on CD by KINGfisher and is now available for the first time ever on vinyl, issued under exclusive license from Century Media Records.
    EAN 3481575529542

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