• 01. 20 G's
    02. The Stakes Are Too High
    03. Fight Or Run
    04. Wound Up
    05. Where It Ends
    06. The Way I Live
    07. I Don't Wanna Die Young
    08. The War Starts Here
    09. No Turning Back
    10. Blue Fascism
    11. Still Dedicated


    Live at CBGB

    [engl] Legendary BACKFIRE! show, recorded in 2003 in the famous CBGB'S in New York. Hidded from the masses for 20 years, now released for the very first time by Rebellion Records! FROM THE BAND: In April in the year 2003 Backfire! headed to NYC for the first time to record Change The Game on I Scream Records. The album was recorded and mixed in Brooklyn by Mike Dijan, Math Henderson and Dean Baltulonis. While we were there Madball played their comeback show in CBGBâ??S and put us on the bill. That was cool in many ways but especially because we supported Madball on their European goodbye tour in 2001. So there we were in the holy grail of NYHC, four Dutch guys nervous as fuck at a sold out show! All our childhood heroes from bands like Cro-Mags Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Judge, Murphyâ??s Law and many more were in there attendance, and it was awesome! It was hands down the biggest dream we had as a band. Mike Dijan joined us on stage to play a couple of songs with us. The day after we played a show with Hatebreed in Connecticut but because Jamey took Pat and I on a crazy adventure that night, I have hardly any memories of that show. The whole week was overwhelming, but this CBGB show was the absolute highlight! Weâ??ve returned to NYC to play at the Black and Blue Bowl in 2008 and that was impressive, but for us 2003 is something we will never ever forget. So we are very proud to present this album with the help from Wouter and Rebellion Records. I thank Pat, Igor & Frank and of course Madball, John Franko, Mike Dijan, Jamey Jasta, Bram Swarte and all people who made this possible from the bottom of my heart! Wyb & Backfire! 2022 We dedicated this album to our lost brother and m-town Rebel Vinnie Value, we miss you friend, nothing but love!
    EAN 3481575543159

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