• 01. Willkommen im Tal der Stutzer
    02. Die frommen Wanderer
    03. Die Nachricht schneller als der Wind
    04. Die Ko?nigin weint
    05. Ko?nig Friedrich II.
    06. Im Hu?hnerstall
    07. Zauberer und die Hex
    08. Bevor und nach dem Sturm
    09. Die Reise ins Innere
    10. Wald Melodei
    11. Lichtermond
    12. In der Schmiede
    13. Der fro?hliche Gaukler
    14. Kinder des Mu?llers der am Waldrand wohnt 15. U?ber Liebschaften


    Im Tal der Stutzer

    [engl] Taking inspiration from deep in the mediaeval mists of times long past, CV Vision comes riding over the hills like a knight to the rescue, and his new album Im Tal Der Stutzer is packed full of galloping drums, feudal prog riffs and poetic lyrics harking back to a golden age. You might’ve caught CV Vision in Berlin, either on stage or behind the mixer at some of his favourite clubs like Arkaoda, Heiners or O Tannenbaum. He could be accompanied by synths, or drum kit, or even full band – channelling his love of Bo Hansson and Claude Larson, or Soft Machine and Picchio dal Pozzo. Always heavy on the backbeat, the songs awash with heady synths and expansive psych inversions. For this record, CV Vision recruited two wayfaring collaborators in the form of songwriter and musician Martha Rose, and drummer Uno Bruniusson. They started the project at the dawn of the Covid outbreak, and it quickly became a coping mechanism against the lockdown. During those months of uncertainty, the collaboration blossomed into a sanctuary of psychedelic prog, acid folk and warped feudal weirdness, a refuge built on layered synth lines and reel-to-reel delays. Im Tal Der Stutzer invites you into its kaleidoscopic reality from the get-go – from the pulsating swing of Die Frommen Wanderer and frenetic synth arpeggios of Die Nachricht Schneller als der Wind, to the misty-eyed folk of Lichtermond. The whole record is punctuated with field recordings of ironmongers and cowherds and campfires, adding to the theatre. It’s a testament to the wide-ranging world that CV Vision has created, that he can at once invoke the Hildebrandslied while sounding like a library record that DJ Shadow might’ve sampled. In CV Visionverse, it all makes perfect sense.
    EAN 4015698061284

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