• 01. Aldri Før, Aldri Mer
    02. Gode Grunner
    03. Forsvinningsnummeret
    04. Vendereis
    05. Kom Kom
    06. Say No
    07. Bruddstykker
    08. Ikke Tvil Ikke Vik
    09. Skrik II
    10. Skrik III
    11. Forbi?
    12. Venter På Dag


    Bruddstykker (Fractions)

    [engl] This must be the wet dream of anybody who raves about classic norwegian Punk Rock with all of it's crucial and essential elements. This album has it all! A full on slap in the face with all the vital ingredience, guitar hooks and solos, backing choirs...! Three years after their first full lengh (Gjennom Veggene) KNUSTE RUTER delivers 12 new songs, once again paying homage to the spirits of STENGTE DØRER and SO MUCH HATE, lifting, mixing and twisting the styles to create their very own high-proof special brew in music! Featuring members of HEVN, 2:20, BØYEN BENG and Hasse Jørgensen (of STENGTE DØRER) joined the band on vocal duties and rising the ""old school"" impact even more! Lyrics deal with alot of indeep personal politics almost all sung in norwegian with translations included on the lyric sheet. Bruddstykker was recorded at Endless Tinitus 2012 and mastered at Enormous Door by Jack Control. Comes in a beautiful LP sleeve w/ booklet designed by Welly (Artcore Fanzine) and is a join release between RUIN NATION, SKULD RELEASES and SJAKK MATT PLATER.

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