• 01. Storm Coming
    02. Fast Music Doesn't Mean Violent Dancing
    03. A Plea For Peace
    04. Can't See The Woods
    05. Humane Humans
    06. No End In Sight
    07. Narrow Minded Bigots
    08. The End
    09. Braindead
    10. Judge & Be Damned
    11. Home Of The Brave
    12. Solution Available
    13. A Taste Of Their Own Medicine
    14. Headfucked
    15. Craven Image
    16. State Worse Than Death
    17. The Last Giant
    18. Can't See The Woods (Live)
    19. Sometimes
    20. Everythings's Fine
    21. Warning
    22. Slow Death
    23. Chained To Morality
    24. Instrumental
    25. Internal Life
    26. Take It Back
    27. State Worse Than Death
    28. One Law For Them...
    29. ...Another Law For Us!
    30. Final Strike
    31. The Man Who Cleaned The Bog
    32. New World Disorder
    33. Money From Greed
    34. You'll Sue Who?
    35. If The Earth Dies,We Die
    36. New Faces, Same Old Shit


    Still Chained (Discography)

    [engl] "The entire discography of this shortlived but influential early nineties anarcho punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. This is fast-paced and shredding anarcho punk with little excursions into the crust-punk genre here and there. Dual fe/male vocals and alot of lyrical topics of todays society that are still relevant. DISAFFECT releases most their material via NABATE RECORDS from Belgium as well as FLAT EARTH RECORDS from the UK. Both labels were pioneering the nineties DIY punk wave alot with bands like ONE BY ONE, HIATUS, SEDITION, UNHINGED etc etc. DISAFFECT stopped playing in 1994 and members moved on to other projects such as SCATHA, CONSTANT FEAR, BRAIN ANGUISH and QUARANTINE. In 2019 the band reformed with a new rhythm section to play occassionally the one or the other festival. The DISAFFECT discography includes the ""An Injury To One..."" 7"" EP from 1992, the split 7"" with SEDITION from 1993, the ""Home Of The Brave"" 7""EP from 1993 (reissued 3 times!) and their 1994 released debut LP ""Chained To Morality"" as well as the ultra rare split 7"" with BIZARRE UPROAR also from 1994. As a bonus you will find the best tracks of the 1991 ""Demotape"" with the missing tracks available as download. Housed in a beatifully crafted Gatefold-sleeve with additional 16 pages booklet including lyrics and linernotes. "

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