• 01. Cortex
    02. Never Anything Before
    03. Ripped Jeans
    04. Reoccurring Faces
    05. Howl
    06. Dots
    07. d h
    08. Guided By The Void
    09. Ultraviolet
    10. Confessional
    11. Hands Reaching Out


    Spiral Unfolds

    [engl] Total Punk is keeping things in Atlanta, following up GG KING's- 'Remain Intact' with PREDATOR's new album 'Spiral Unfolds.' The two bands share members including Ryan Bell who masterfully recorded both albums. Atlanta has the the best punk scene going and Predator are one of its longest running practitioners. Despite the seven years since their last full length, and vocalist Brannon Greene splitting time between Predator and his other projects, Hospice and Nag (both of which just dropped new albums), 'Spiral Unfolds' shows the band still rules the void. The wiry punk minimalism of their previous outings still intact but complemented with a bit more muscle courtesy of the interplay between the two buzzsaw guitars. Brannon's android tinged vocals occasionally giving off a Tubeway Army gone hardcore vibe. 'Spiral Unfolds' is Predator at it's peak. Hypnotic, driving, and 100% TOTAL PUNK.
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