• 01. Theme
    02. Touch
    03. Erasure
    04. Sleep Therapy
    05. Neptune
    06. Lizard Teeth
    07. Cool Television
    08. Conditioner



    [engl] Erupting onto the New York punk scene, Brooklyn based band Pyrex have made waves after releasing a handful of well-received singles and tapes and touring the US generating significant buzz. At long last, the group is releasing their highly anticipated debut LP "PYREX". The LP delivers driving, scrappy hardcore-leaning post-punk that sounds like a mix between a lost KBD artifact and an Eastern European post-punk unknown. This LP explores dystopic and nihilistic themes both lyrically and musically packaged in no-brainer high energy punk. Pyrex delivers distorted, angular and heavily entwined bass and guitar hooks strengthened by linear, pummeling drums with raw, aggressive vocals. The trio have created an LP that is equally unchained and artful. "PYREX" is a wholly well-crafted, frenetic, dialed-in, oven-safe, microwavable, and collectable modern punk record with infinite playability.
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