• 01. Costa Del Sol
    02. Brinks Mat £26 Million
    03. A Millionaire
    04. The Magnificent 7
    05. Fortune Teller
    06. Break Down The Barriers
    07. With Ourselves
    08. Hey Little Lady
    09. The Man With A Thousand Faces
    10. Sorry
    11. Rupert The Bear
    12. The Good Life
    13. The Art Of Making A Living
    14. Paisley Paradise
    15. I´m Only Dreaming
    16. She´s The One
    17. Feeling Blue
    18. Sorry
    19. Lou´s Blues
    20. Alison


    At The Height Of The Season

    [engl] Here it is! This first of two double LP´s, out on 24th May and called „At The Height Of The Season“, featuring the full live concert from their legendary gig in Retford 1987, plus some bonus songs from The Mod Aid Alldayer 1985 and their gig in Wellingore 1985. To summarize: 20 songs, fully re-mastered, all for the first time on vinyl and lots of them previously unreleased. Deluxe gatefold- sleeve with lots of memorabilia and download code! The 2nd double Lp will be issued in autumn and will be called „ A Teenage Dream“ featuring unreleased studio recordings and different versions from some of their songs.

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    A Teenage Dream

    [engl] Finally it is ready to hit the streets… A Teenage Dream! This 2nd volume of one of the Mid 80´s premier Mod band from UK comes as a triple LP, featuring unreleased studio recordings and a few hard

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    Naked asthe Jaybirds

    Nach 13 Jahren nun endlich das lang ersehnte neue Album der Österreicher, die unzweifelhaft eine der besten Neo – 60´s Band sind. Die 14 Songs sind ihre bisher tiefgehensten und schönsten. 60´s
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    Beat Beat Beat Vol. 1

    Nach der kürzlich erschienen 7er, sind die deutschen Beat-Dukes wohl auf den Geschmack gekommen. Nachgeschossen kommt hier die erste von insgesamt drei geplanten Releases im Königsformat, der "Trilo
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    Lock & Key

    [engl] The Sparkies are Leeds based 5 piece premier ‘New Northern’ collective. Here we go with their long anticipated debut 7“. Their brand of uptempo, uplifting Northern Soul stompers are influenced b

    All Made Up

    [engl] Los Angeles, CA based PowerPop combo with two new cuts on 45rpm. This double A side banger is another testament of their unique upbeat Undertones & Buzzcocks tinged teenage frustration rock n roll in
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    Something awkward

    Na, wurde aber auch Zeit! Nach der 2010 erschienenen Debüt CD, nun endlich auch ein kleines Schmackerl für uns Vinyl-Liebhaber. Zwei Songs, die im dreckigen bis eingängigen Garagepunk á la Cramps
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    The Rhythm and Blues Years

    [engl] Stunning compilation, a fantastic round-up of the early years and a timely reminder about that band and era. Beside of The Clique in UK, the JAYBIRDS were unanimously acclaimed the coolest Mod band o
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