• 01. Persecution Complex
    02. Bone Idol
    03. Movement
    04. Be My Baby
    05. Corgi Crap
    06. Sad So Sad
    07. The Change
    08. Lookalikes
    09. The Underdog
    10. No More Time
    11. City Drones
    12. Just Want To Be Myself
    13. Lift Off The Bans



    Further Temptations

    [engl] THE DRONES were a Manchester based punk band. They formed in 1975 and were in the early days of PUNK !! They later relocated to London and became one of the pioneering punk bands along with The Vibrators, X-Ray Spex, Chelsea, The Stranglers... In December 1977, THE DRONES released their debut album produced by Simon Humphrey. The very underrated "Further Temptations" is definitely one of the top notch PUNK CLASSIC !!!

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    Something Better Change

    [engl] Fronted by lead singer Joey Shithead, D.O.A. is one of the most important North American band from the very early days of punk ! They are often referred to as the founders of hardcore punk along with
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    Sound Of Music

    [engl] Sounds Of Music is the second album by Ipswich based UK punks THE ADICTS. It originally came out in 1982 on the legendary RAZOR punk record label. Twelve songs full of their raging energy including th
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    PUNK AND DISORDERLY - Chaos in the Streets

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    The Image Has Cracked

    [engl] Limited reissue of this classic U.K. PUNK album ! ALTERNATIVE TV is a London based band started in 1977. Its singer, MARK PERRY, was already active in he early days of the punk movement with his fanzi
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    Punks Not Dead

    [engl] Punks Not Dead is THE legendary PUNK album from 1981 ! THE EXPLOITED formed in 1979 in Edinburgh, Scotland ; While influenced by early punk band such as the Sex Pistols, their sound is way rougher and
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    Second Empire Justice

    [engl] "When Crisis had their own personal Joy Division epiphany, they ultimately became Death in June. When the rowdy Oi! band The Blitz went through the same thing, they abruptly changed musical course and
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