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    Second Empire Justice

    [engl] "When Crisis had their own personal Joy Division epiphany, they ultimately became Death in June. When the rowdy Oi! band The Blitz went through the same thing, they abruptly changed musical course and released Second Empire Justice, alienating their skinhead fanbase almost overnight. Like Joy Division, New Order, and Death in June, Blitz’s name had sketchy political connotations; Nietzschean song titles like “New Age” didn’t help. In fact, it was “New Age” and especially its promo video, which exaggerated things just a little bit by stating the band were from Manchester (really, they were from nearby New Mills) – that signaled the sea change in the band’s sound. Suddenly the Blitz were dressed in all black dress shirts, and it sounded like Bernard Sumner was guesting on guitar. Oi! seer Gary Bushell had claimed Blitz’s 1982 Voice of a Generation LP was like The Clash’s debut album “in terms of feel, suss and relevance.” Comparisons like this came to aquick halt after Second Empire Justice came out."
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    Hardcore 81

    [engl] this hardcore punk classic is 40 years old !  in 1981, vancouver based d.o.a. released a monumental album who would change the punk rock scene for ever. hardcore 81 is a key stone, considered to be
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    Further Temptations

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    PUNK AND DISORDERLY - Chaos in the Streets

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    Burning Oil

    [engl] This record is a pure death-rock gem ! It was originally released in 1984 on Red Rhino Records, and is now available again on vinyl, with the original demo song « Lies » as bonus track ! SKELETAL F
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    [engl] Guilty is THE VIBRATORS' third album. It was originally released in 1982, after two major-label album. The band is one of the punk founding fathers (they formed in 1976) and they are one of the mo
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    Some Things Never Change

    [engl] "one of the very first bands of the first wave of american punk rock, along with the screamers, the avengers, the weirdos… this record compiles all studio songs, the first demo as well as their thre
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