• 01. My clown
    02. Dandelion seeds
    03. Jolly Mary
    04. Hallo to me
    05. You missed it all
    06. The way
    07. To be free
    08. Move on sweet flower
    09. Crying is for writers
    10. I see
    11. Friendly man
    12. A bird lived



    [engl] This is nothing less than an essential album to anyone with a minimum interest for psychedelic music. You know the lot, very rare UK 1968 album originally on the Major Minor label featuring psych classics such as Dandelion seeds or My clown. This is the definitive vinyl reissue of this beauty, with 180g vinyl, high- quality carton cover with old- style backflaps, a fantastic 4- page insert with photos and extensive linernotes by UK psych authority David Wells, and even a full- colour reproduction of the rare as hell original promo poster!

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