• 01. Agar Ze Khaliq Malaamat (featuring Hangama)
    02. Ahange Zindegi
    03. Az Dozdida Chashm Az Ahoo
    04. Az Nazo Che Maykhande
    05. Baduhait Konam
    06. Begzar Begreyan
    07. Begzaro Ta Begeeryam
    08. Behooda Am
    09. Beya Borim Ba Sangeran
    10. Che Khoosh Amadi Safaa Kardi
    11. Dil Ze Sowda
    12. Awship Shudee Aye Dil


    Volume 2

    [engl] Following the success of our first Ahmad Zahir release, heres a stronger second chapter: a full double LP set. A new exciting selection from Afghanistans proud legends discography, with his very own sound blending folk with pop and hits of psychedelia, the Afghan way! The surprising marriage of Western music with Afghan melodies, the crooner voice of a one- of- a- kind artist that happened to shake his countrys musical and cultural foundations forever.

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