• 01. El Mirlo
    02. Hasta La Boya Y Volver
    03. Pop Y Espiritualidad
    04. 80% Agua
    05. Antes De Las Infraestructuras
    06. Aventura En Arkham Comics
    07. Rabindranath
    08. La Historia Más Veces Jamás Contada
    09. Hemos Hecho Cosas
    10. Reversible
    11. La Jota



    [engl] It is true that there are bands which look interesting at first sight for the musical origins of its members. Nobody will deny that Aina was a legendary band in the underground scene, not only in Barcelona but in the whole Europe. Or that Shanty Rd. was one of the most innovating and restless bands of spanish post-hardcore. Or that one of the best skills of The Moon Men is their drumming. That's why Artur (ex Aina), Wences (ex Shanty rd.) and Albert (The Moon Men) are as respected as brave enough to shake their past and walk over it with this new act which is Nueva Vulcano, and show through it their personalities and talent. That's why when the band appeared with their debut "Principal primera" in 2004, that was a lovely event for all of us. Nueva Vulcano is the perfect example of what we expect from a band: simplicity, punch and contents. A guitar heir of the american indie tradition (Superchunk, Hüsker Dü), a bass which sometimes sounds like a lead instrument, a powerful tom-based rythm base and, amongst all, the beauty of Artur's lyrics. Followed by 2005's "Juego entrópico", which sounded clearer and better built than their debut, 2009 shows the band at its best with "Los Peces de Colores" (BCore, 09), a beautiful and powerful bunch of songs to delight their increasing number of fans, in love with their unique personality, credibility and savoir faire, being today one of the most interesting underground rock acts in Barcelona.
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