• 01. Solo hasta el final
    02. Soy un tanto antiguo (y creo en el amor)
    03. Los amantes del compás
    04. Quan baixis de l’avió
    05. La magia en la calle
    06. El tesoro
    07. Banderas blancas
    08. La noche sujeta mis pies
    09. El día que yo me muera
    10. Tu colección de discos raros
    11. No puedo ir a dormir
    12. Notes al marge


    Esta vez va en serio

    [engl] “Obrint portes, abriendo puertas, opening doors”. Everything's ready for take of. It's been three decades since the needles of fringe caring kids landed on the tracks of their Barcelona Blues EP, and Brighton 64' new album starts up with an elevators off-voice telling us that NOW is the time. Esta vez va en serio, (This time it's for real) the Gil brothers and their accomplices Fontich and Peralbo warn us in the title, in the first song we find explosions of fetishes and words, names of things we can touch and enjoy. The flame of their followers is still burning, somebody has kept the fire untouched all these years with details we can trace in “Solo hasta el final” (“On your own till the end”): Red shoes, my peculiar haircut, friends, Chuck Berry, snooker. The boys from the bomb house surf through all these references where we find small anti-aircraft refuges to keep us safe from all things falling. They are the Sísifos of punk and Mod Revival and for as much as they change, grow up and show us, even when on different stages and at different times, their talent for composing, they will never say no to the lights on the runway, where they will carry on spinning and spinning. Esta vez va en serio is a manifesto of all that is important in life, but always conscious that even a tailored suit can stop fitting you when time goes by, but that doesn't mean you have to start wearing a track suit, you just have to get something new, in times of noise with no melodies, we have to look for essential things that never fail (yes, “Los Besos sin Final” (“Never-ending Kisses”) or “Soy un tanto antiguo (…pero creo en el amor)” (“I'm a bit old-fashioned (…but i believe in love)”), but we must also take a look at the calendar and realize that some years just won't come back. “Los Amantes del Compás” (“The Compass Lovers”) for example, “Dime donde están los amigos, los amantes del compás, los chicos borrachos de ritmo y de noches sin final” (“Tell me where your friends are, the compass lovers, the rhythm drunk kids and the never ending nights”), is the perfect nostalgic song. And you have to be able to look for serenity in the rhythm of “La Magia de la Calle” (“Magic of the night”): “No quiero que me hables de lo que fui….la casa de la bomba nunca la vi” (“Don't talk to me about what I once was… I never got to see the bomb house”). Brighton 64 are back to open doors, they are back to kick us with old shoes looking newer then a pair bought today. And then…gas, cos if a person doesn't use what they have, what ever it is that makes them do what they do, they are in serious trouble of their motors not starting at all. This time it's for real, Brighton 64 are hitting the best target yet again, the one that has the best pop melodies embedded with fire. Miqui Otero
    LP [incl.DC]
    EAN 8435015513474
    EAN 8435015513467

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