• 01. Skeptic Move
    02. Tangles
    03. Osso Temporale
    04. Unanimated
    05. Lost Pieces
    06. Bloody Feelings
    07. Circle Of Red Drops
    08. Hirn Seite
    09. Perfect Huddle
    10. Obliquity (Low)
    11. Weak Life


    Weak Life

    [engl] Spring 2014: Cristiano Deison and Andrea Gastaldello (aka Mingle)motion. The idea is that of moving forwards skeptically, maybe meeting someone or something, maybe not. You do not know. The important thing is to stumble through the rubble, the tangles and fragments of broken ideas...listening carefully to the pulse of weak life. Assembled, recorded and mixed by Andrea Gastaldello and Deison at Towerbeats and electronic treatments are inserted. As always these are dirty electronics which are extremely evocative, to which we have become accustomed. Cristiano Deison: Electronics, Processing. Andrea Gastaldello (Mingle): Electronics, Treatments.
    EAN 737212452258

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