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    [engl] A crossroad between styles and sounds, AUCAN's music is based on a unique energy: synthesis of the opposites. Digital and analog, cleanliness and distortion, melody and dissonance, quietness and strongness arm free-fall structures, open to direct light, leave the listener inside obscurity. Gifted of an hammering rhythmical compactness, and of a deadly technical awareness, the band's obsessive combinations contain nonetheless an emotive tissue spent on crooked roads long time ago, incarnate the need to yell out, to get lost in order to discover yourself. THE special secret ‘’DNA EP’’ (5 gracks, 35mn), dedicated to Gerhardt Fuchs (Maserati’s drummer, 1974-2009) is finally coming out on Africantape in Vinyl 12" (CD included).
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    Ancora Nessun Messaggero

    [engl] JOWJO is a nick name with a strange sound. Behind the name there is Sergio Carlini, guitar player from the italian punk band Three Second Kiss. Behind Sergio there is a solo project: a full-lenght (Ou
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    Small Town By The Sea

    [engl] Connect_icut is an electronic music producer based in Vancouver, Canada. His releases include Moss (Dehausset CD, 2005), They Showed Me the Secret Beaches (CSAF LP, 2008) and Fourier's Algorithm (
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    Hangover The Top

    Das französische Trio MARVIN spielt noisigen Rock mit ordentlicher Math-Kante, welcher mit seiner rumpeligen Wuchtigkeit in manchen Momenten an ein anderes „Minimalist Rock Trio“ erinnernt, näml

    Ultima Necat

    [engl] Founded in 2003, Ventura is a rock trio mainly inspired by the nineties. Among their influences, you may cite Superchunk, HUM, Failure, Shellac maybe a touch of Hot Snakes and why not a little Nirvana
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    I'm With God

    [engl] The Cesarians were born in Hackney, the London borough synonymous with poverty, punk, and politics, a district that mixes multi-culture with gangster glamour. It was here, one winter, in a damp pub ce
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    [engl] The name Afroamericans gave to this dirty style of music was funk in reference to the body odour produced while in a state of excitation. That’s what we do, repetitive riffs and a maximalist attitud
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