• 01. UNFUN - No Confrontation
    02. UNFUN - Tight Knit Seams
    03. Despite Everything - If You're Going Through Hell (Keep Going)
    04. Despite Everything - Roads Unfold



    [engl] Split 7" from Canadians UNFUN and Despite Everything from Greece Unfun are back with two new songs that’ll blow you away. Right-out-of-the-gutter sludgy, dirty pop punk from the piss-smelling alleys of Vancouver, Canada. Hailing from Athens, Greece, I present you Despite Everything. Straight from the streets pissed-off punkrock that will make you want to go out and throw a Molotov cocktail at your local McDonald restaurant. Two great punk anthems that will make you crave for more.
  • 01. Jericho
    02. Bottom Of The Well
    03. Holy Water
    04. Only Trespassers

    United Snakes

    United Snakes

    [engl] United Snakes wrapped up recording their debut EP, inspired by and performed with love at Little Eden studios with Pete Steinkopf of Bouncing Souls. The EP is a limited edition of 100 white vinyl and 200 black vinyl.
    7" lim
    EAN 7061115206285
  • 01. Horizontal
    02. Dead Flowers
    03. Ack Ack Ack Ack
    04. Strip Club
    05. Black Hole
    06. Go Away Girl
    07. Hologram
    08. Sensible Virgins
    09. Surfin' With The Shah
    10. Sex
    11. You're Gonna Miss Me
    12. Last Days Of Man On Earth
    13. California's Falling Into The Ocean
    14. You Piss Me Off
    15. Mystery Date/U
    16. Why Are We Sleeping?
    17. I'm White And Middle Class
    18. She's A Drone
    19. I'm Like You
    20. Male Masturbation
    21. I'm A Bug
    22. Jetsons Theme


    Pin The Needles

    [engl] "Pin The Needles" is the first official live Urinals LP, released a mere 40 years after being recorded in 1979. The band was invited to play in Santa Barbara, a bucolic college beach community a couple hours north of Los Angeles. As you'll hear, the few people in the audience were treated to a set of Urinals classics and a few songs that would populate their debut LP released in 1983 - just after the band broke up (and had changed their name to 100 Flowers to break out of the cookie cutter hardcore scene they felt trapped in.) 22 tracks that transport you back to the late 70s; highlights include a slow workout of "Sensible Virgin", a hyper-manic "Surfin' With The Shah," and an early reveal of the now-classic "California's Falling Into The Ocean. This record is The Urinal's first ever release outside of the USA. It is housed in an information-packed gatefold sleeve.
    EAN 5023903283153
  • 01. My Dickies
    02. Ugly People
    03. T.O.A.P.
    04. I Don't Wanna Be Like Me
    05. I'm Gonna Confront Ya


    The Beat Sessions

    [engl] Boston Anarcho Punks No Sir I Won't return with their 4th record, Shit and in my opinion their best. Made up of ex and current members of Surrender Libyans, Witches With Dicks, Shithead, Brain Killer and Foreign Objects. Boston's No Sir, I Won't feature members of the mighty Brain Killer (RIP) and Libyans. Musically, they play a sort of classic hardcore that combines the feel of Dead Kennedys and the crust of Crass and Discharge. The band have followed up their More Politicians with this six-song EP, The Door, and it builds on the two songs found on the earlier EP, giving the group a chance to really show what they can do. Maximum Rock N' Roll sez.. "No modern band could possibly carry on the musical tradition of bands like CRASS and ALTERNATIVE like NO SIR, I WON’T. When bands simply fill out popular punk templates it’s boring. Aincha just sick of being promised a horrible, gnarly noise and getting a whole load of polished, whiny pop-rock instead? Fear not, there are no such concerns with Urochromes. These guys know their Touch & Go from their SST; their Scratch Acid from their Flipper; their mutilated guitar rifferama from their serrated musical bludgeoning. The Beat Sessions crams the sounds of your favourite pigfuck bands into a winningly ostentatious collision of pre-programmed drums and manic rawkundrol lunacy. Like all the best punk collectives, they know brevity is key and so no song even gets within spitting distance of two minutes long. Likewise they know this whole ‘rock music’ thing is a scam so we may as well all play along with gusto, leaving you with a record you’ll play over and over and over until your stereo gives out (or your bony, malnourished fingers finally snap with the repeated effort).
  • 01. Circle A
    02. Immaterial
    03. Living Somewhere
    04. Spiritual Vision
    05. Tierra Ajena
    06. U.B.P


    Demo Tape

    [engl] Utopian came out of nowhere and got my attention immediately. They are based in Los Angeles and play a versatile mixture of punk which doesn't bore me out. Mystic and fiery punk on this demo tape - I am sure you will dig it too. The thick, meaty playing in combination with these super straightforward arrangements generate quite a lot of power. They blending aspects of 1980s Italian, Brazilian, Spanish and North American punk with other diverse elements into one great 6-song tape. Dark and claustrophobic, with echoing sharp guitars, galloping drums, and great vocals you believe every word. The sound is dense, frantic, and layered, and despite the fact that it's super raw and punk, it's one of my favorites record to turn up really loud and zone out to while I notice all of the subtle layers in the music. If you like that weird, raw, art, anarcho and catchy style of punk sound that keeps the listener at arm's length you'll flip for this.
  • 01. Piero - Quelle époque épique et punk
    02. Soda Fraise - Ca baigne dans l'huile
    03. Stéfan - J'suis pas méchant
    04. Geiger - Je suis punky
    05. Too Much - Silex Pistols
    06. Gérard Bôle du Chaumont - C'est la défonce
    07. Sublime de Luxe - Chose molle
    08. Bulldozer - J'suis punk
    09. Sublime de Luxe - Donne-moi ton corps, juste pour le sport
    10. Les Marylènes - Le beau tétard sur son cigare
    11. Gisor - Le plan
    12. Anatole Frantz - Le monde est fou
    13. Fatsy Wataire - Chimène Hovelicot
    14. Gérard Depardieu - La p'tite Agathe
    15. Plastichke - Ca gaze pour moi


    BINGO - French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981

    [engl] The real, great rock 'n' roll swindle? Don't look for it in the Pistols, well, in Mac Laren' movie The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle... you'd better search Belgium, and more specifically somewhere near Lou Deprijck and Yvan Lacomblez, two born-and-bred “Brusselians[1] ”. If their names don't ring a bell at first glance, you've most likely already wiggled to the interplanetary hit which brought them fortune (in every way): “Ça plane pour moi”! Oh yeah, France already had Antoine's “Élucubrations”, a mildly transgressive hit in its own way... and an unprecedented landslide in Gallic memory. But this time, another category was tackled! “Ca plane pour moi”? A moronic song by a crappy singer... The prank swept through the world and within a few months, no less than one million 45s were sold just in France. And the incredible part is that it was to spawn a mass-produced bunch of cover versions, finally becoming – how ironic – a universal punk anthem: think what you will, it IS the hold-up of the century! Of course, such a cash cow would arouse envy and create quite a few vocations among our fellow countrymen. The song's trademark derision was finally about to bridge the missing link between original punk – too violent, too dirty – and the general public eager to enjoy a little Saturday-night pogo. Once more, humor became the magic bullet to conquer a frightened audience: even though the French aren't exactly fond of rock'n'roll, they've always loved a good laugh. The formula had already proved successful. Remember the arrival of rock'n'roll in France (1957) through Boris Vian, Henri Salvador and Michel Legrand. Their famous, jokey “Rock and Roll-Mops” already laid the foundations for the same equation (refer to Born Bad's Rock Rock Rock comp for a deeper look): joke + rock'n'roll + derision = success. The big labels sure did try to produce punk bands in France – Polydor, the most daring one, signed up the Stinky Toys and the Guilty Razors in a row – but only to result in huge commercial failures which ended up discouraging the entire profession. But in the face of Mr. Bertrand's huge success, those big labels thought they got how it works. Very soon, music publishers and majors all wanted a punk hit. From Barclay to RCA to Polydor, all discovered a passion for punk and wanted their own “Ça plane pour moi”. So A&R executives from big labels and publishers brought all of their seasoned producers, composers and lyricists into the stampede: eccentric arrangements, daft and stereotyped lyrics – one-upmanship was the rule. Anything served as a pretext to be punker than punk – who cares if grotesqueness and ridiculousness were constantly flirted with, what we want is good laugh (and a shitload of cash!). An unprecedented bunch of punk-novelty records followed. Even André Verchuren had his own unbridled accordion cover version of “Ça plane pour moi” – that's saying something! Sure, most of these punk hoaxes are real lousy, real shitty but one must admit that some numbers stand out of the crowd. While they didn't reach the success of “Ça plane pour moi”, some, here and there, were really inspired and – let's be punk – even more creative than the songs they hijacked and mimicked. So, as would say Pierô who opens the comp: “Hey guys, got your guitars out of tune? let's play PUNK today! and start up the infernal machine. Ein, Zwei, Drei quattro...”
    EAN 3521381537949
    EAN 3521383437933
  • cover


    Bite it!!

    Compilation from the Sounds of Subterrania!-festival. One unreleased song from Columbian Neckties, El Guapo Stuntteam, Devil in Miss Jones and The Berserkerz. All songs are studiosongs!
    10'' pic
  • cover


    Bite it!! 2006

    Bite it! Festival Platte mit je einen unveröffentlichten song der beteiligten Bands, die da wären Two-Star Hotel, Devil in Miss Jones, Carnation, Columbian Neckties, Amos und Hara-Kee-Rees. Das ganze kommt dann auch in einer superspezial Verpackung. Inklusive Henkel etc.
    LP lim
  • 01. Kuudes Tunti - Juhlat
    02. The Flatfield - The Witch
    03. Psyyke - Pakanamaa
    04. [di unru] - Turn To Frost
    05. Harmony Garden - Master Called Madness
    06. Silent Scream - I’ll Never Be Afraid Of You
    07. Two Witches - The New Black
    08. Liikkuvat Lapset - Juova Taivaalla
    09. Silene - Fear
    10. Wreckdance - Sleep Away
    11. Neu Zaum - Burning Shadow
    12. Dreamtime - Release


    Black Lips And Long Raincoats

    EAN 6418547015793
  • 01. Beige Banquet - Again, Again, Again, Again
    02. Sweeping Promises - Toutes Les Nuits
    03. Billy Childish & CTMF - Love Comes In Spurts
    04. Dog Driver (Feat Rip Hickie & King Khan) - Demons & Angels
    05. En Attendant Ana - The Writer of it all
    06. Split System - Force Field
    07. The Drin - Don't Look Down
    08. Tramhaus - The Big Blowout (alternative take)
    09. Charles De Goal - Blackpool (alt.)
    10. Dick Voodoo - Remove Without Pain
    11. Bound By Endogamy, P. Jupiter - La Tour Dieu
    12. Spray Paint - Naoki's Theme
    13. Claimed Choice - Make Some Noise
    14. Green / Blue - Stay Invisible
    15. The Proper Ornaments - Enter Dolphin Reincarnation


    Born Bad Record Shop 25 years anniversary

    [engl] Born Bad Record Shop 25 years anniversary with 15 unreleased tracks
  • cover


    Bullets over Borderland

  • 01. Ashley Von Hurter And The Haters - F.B.I.
    02. Official Hooligans - Darby Crash
    03. Shutdown - The Mechanic
    04. Bloody Mutants - Beans and Chips
    05. Vendabait - Crushing my World
    06. The Wussies - Promised Land
    07. Stalins Organ - Sex Girls
    09. Kerbholz - Müller
    10. Menstrual Tramp - Be a Man
    11. Betty Bondage - Lolita
    12. Fuck The Bureaucracy - Rise of the Counter Culture
    13. Fathom Theory - You'll Never Know
    14. Legend Killers - Questions
    15. The Perturbed - For the People
    16. X-O Toxins - Exxon
    17. The Heck - I Need It


    Diggin' up the 90s

    [engl] AMOK RECORDS is proud to release the first volume of a new compilation series. If you enjoyed former series like Killed by Death, Bloodstains or similar, this is a new one to discover rare, obscure but either great bands or songs of the 1990s. And if you enjoyed the 90s Punk and Hardcore szene anyway here you find some more gems which might have passed your attention in that century. This compilation needed around 4 years to get finished and a lot of effort was put into it. It is a labour of love. The tracks, with very few exceptions, won’t be available digitally from AMOK RECORDS. Volume 2 is already in the pipes and will get released in spring 2022.
    LP blue
  • 01. Satanic Togas - Tits On The Beach
    02. M.A.Z.E - Teenagers
    03. Real People - Enough About Human Rights
    04. Prison Affair - On And On
    05. Pensioner - Pressure
    06. Belly Jelly - Goin Up The Country
    07. The AC Connection - Living After Midnight
    08. Research Reactor Corporation - What The Fuck
    09. Steroid - Rockin In The Free World
    10. 1800 Mikey - 99 Red Balloons
    11. Fried Egg - Land Of The Brave
    12. Straight Arrows - Carpe Diem
    13. Snooper - Come Together
    14. The Archaeas - City Kids
    15. C.O.F.F.I.N - Super Stupid
    16. Erik Nervous - I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead
    17. Part Time Filth - Don't Wanna Be A Fat Boy
    18. Denim Fist - Million Dollar Riff
    19. Sistema De Entretenimiento - Un Hombre Solo
    20. DD Deth - Mad Butcher
    21. Landlords - 1-2-X-U
    22. Billiam - Face Cover Face
    23. Spodee Boy - Hell To Pay
    24. Dangus Tarkus - Space Trucking
    25. Set Top Box - More Suicides Please
    26. New Buck Biloxi - Interzone
    27. Gee Tee - Roll Over Beethoven
    28. The Cavemen - Telepathic Love
    29. Mutant Strain - Strange Notes
    30. Prison Affair - Black Diamond
    31. Trampoline Team - Slash Yer Face
    32. The Gobs - World Up My Ass
    33. Tube Alloys - Breakdown
    34. Powerplant - She
    35. Liquid Face - 122 Hours Of Fear
    36. Engine IX - Mississippi Queen
    37. Connie Voltaire - Liquids
    38. Floyd Hemorrhoid - Neat Neat Neat
    39. Teenage Cenobite - No Tears
    40. Spinal Crap - Nice Boys
    41. Bipolar - WAP
    42. Science Man - Sharp Dressed Man
    43. Ghoulies - Live Fast Die Young
    44. Michael He Man - Strutter
    45. Roach Fever - Melvin
    46. Nick Normal - Thorn In My Side


    GTRRC - Vol. 3 - Good Times RnR Compilation

    [engl] Some of the best rock n rollin bands of the ETT generation covering some of the hottest classics. Finally the compilation you've all been waiting for. The third and most formidable installment on the GTRRC -Good Times RnR Comp- series. The most killer line-up of insane worldwide rockers playing nothing but all time hits. The most definitive and insane covers compilation you could ever imagine by all your favs heroes. Trashy, punky versions of fave songs appear on this enormously fun album.
  • 01. Dog Food Five - Gotta Get Outta Here
    02. Pisse - Alt Sein
    03. Lo Fat Orchestra - What Am I Doin Here
    04. Hara Kee Rees - When You Come Home
    05. Renaud Picard - Walking With Udo
    06. Sick Hyenas - Moskito
    07. Ryker's - Young Heart
    08. Alte Sau - Der Kreis Ist Leer
    09. William Honda - The Dirt
    10. JaKo?ingJa - Das Schwein Hat Hände
    11. Fizzis - Cab Driver
    12. Cellophane Suckers - Save My Soul
    13. Einkauf Aktuell - Requiem
    14. Counts On Crack - Reruns
    15. King Khan & The Shrines - Empoisonneuse
    16. Gee Strings - Punk Rock Heart
    17. Sick Teeth - Gummi Overkill
    18. Aui & Zween - Kaese
    19. IIIiTanten - Ehrenamt Udo
    20. Catch As Catch Can - Blurred Lines
    21. Egotronic - Gewalt
    22. The Crimes - Get Up An Be There
    23. The Hipriests - Need You
    24. Klaus Johann Grobe - Rote Sonne
    25. Old Seed - Hopes And Dreams
    26. Dead Moon - A Miss Of You

    limitiert auf 1000 Stück // Songs teilweise unveröffentlicht


    Ja, weiter geht's im Programm!

    Es gibt Platten, über die möchte man eigentlich keine Texte schreiben, weil jedes Wort schmerzt und Wunden aufreißt. Eine dieser Platten ist "Ja, weiter geht’s im Programm”, denn diese Platte ist eine Danksagung an Udo Schulze, leidenschaftlicher Konzertveranstalter, Kneipier, DJ, Schlenderer und Freund. Erschienen auf Udo’s Label Kunta Kinte Records, zusammengetragen von Weggefährten, Künstlern und Musikern. Müsste man ein Wahrzeichen neben dem Herkules für Kassel benennen, wäre es wohl die “Mutter”, stand in einem subkulturellen Begleitheft zur documenta. Und keine Person prägte diese Spelunke so wie Udo. Ausgangs- und Endpunkt für einen kulturellen Mikrokosmos der sich nicht nur auf die Kasseler Nordstadt beschränkte, aber hier ein Biotop vorfand, welches einzigartig in Deutschland, vielleicht auf der ganzen Welt war und ist. Udo war einer der Personen, der dieses Biotop mit seiner eigenen Art hegte, pflegte und prägte, Leute für neue Musik begeisterte und jetzt nach seinem viel zu frühen Tod schmerzlich vermisst wird. Vielleicht hilft diese Platte, denen die trauern Trost zu spenden und vielleicht denen, die Udo nicht kannten, zu verstehen, wir groß und wichtig Subkultur und kulturelle Vielfalt ist. In tiefer Liebe an einen besonderen Menschen. Wir danken dir für alles, Udo. Mach es gut, alter Freund. Nachtrag: Mit dem Gewinn dieser Platte werden in Udo's Sinne kulturellen Projekte in Kassel unterstützt.
    DoLP + Book
    EAN 4260016924264
  • cover


    Leitwerk der modernen Idiomatik

    Zusammenstellung von allen Sounds of Subterrania Bands!
  • cover


    Lollipop is burning festival

    [engl] 5 live tracks (recorded in the Nouveau Casino in Paris) for each following band : Briefs, Neurotic Swingers, Hatepinks, Petit Vodo & Jerry Spider Gang (+ bonus :Petit Vodo & Neurotic Swingers video, itws, Gasolheads last show , Manikins live song, Kevin K on croatian TV...). Multizone. Very good quality of pictures & sound !
  • 01. Fjort - Glasgesicht
    02. The Tidal Sleep - Kissing Clocks
    03. Criminal Body - Never Alone
    04. Tausend Augen - Mana Mana
    05. Hysterese - Echo
    06. Euternase - Scheintot
    07. Orbit The Earth - Fading Transmission
    08. BLCKWVS - 0134 E9


    Melting Butter-Sessions – This Charming Man live at Rama Tonstudio Vol.1

    Über die letzten Jahre haben etliche TCM-Band im Rama Studio in Mannheim aufgenommen und die legendäre MELTING BUTTER SESSION gespielt. Alle Songs sind One-Takes, ohne weitere Overdubs oder Cuts. Alle Songs sind etwas anders als die ursprünglichen Studioversionen, drei gänzlich unveröffentlicht. Diese Compilation dient als Dankeschön für die
  • cover


    Migraine für mein Electrokopf

  • 01. Sperm8 - Kassel oder Berlin
    02. Ryker's - Nothing more nothing less
    03. The Swipes - Coming home
    04. Fishbird - Orchids
    05. The Bates - Psycho Junior
    06. The Swoons - Modernes Sterben
    07. The Lost Lyrics - Amadou
    08. Suck - Copkiller
    09. Catch as catch can - Credit cards
    10. King Khan and the shrines - Brand new woman
    11. Muffinmates - Malaga storm
    12. Dark Vatter - Ich schlaach dich in minnen Bann
    13. Speed chicken - Bad things
    14. Johnny Torpedo * Rockin' shanty show - Bad jacks
    15. Hara-kee-rees - Where do I find her
    16. Smokin' taters - One trick pony
    17. Betablocker - Neue Runde neues Glück
    18. Kataton - Die Brandung


    One City One Crew / Kassel

    Zusammenhalt in Zeiten der Pandemie-Krise: Als Idee von Stefan Becker (Sänger & Gitarrist der Band THE SWIPES & THE SWOONS) geboren, erklären sich insgesamt 18 Kasseler/nordhessische Bands solidarisch und stellen ihre Songs für den Vinyl- und Online-Sampler „One City One Crew / Kassel“ zur Verfügung. Ziel ist es, mit den Einnahmen aus dem Verkauf die Kasseler Szene-Locations „Mutter“ und „Goldgrube“ zu unterstützen, die durch den Lockdown in ihrer Existenz bedroht waren und noch immer unter den Folgen leiden. Als diese Compilation im Frühjahr in Auftrag gegeben wurde, war noch nicht abzusehen, wie es pandemiebedingt für die Club- und Veranstaltungsszene weitergehen würde. Auch wenn sich die Situation glücklicherweise mittlerweile verbessert hat, gab es einen finanziellen Kahlschlag über 1,5 Jahren, der kaum aufgeholt werden kann. Alle Bands entspringen der alternativen Undergroundszene und sind überwiegend im Punkrock-, Hardcore- und R’n‘R-Genre angesiedelt. Unter den Bands finden sich bundesweit bekannte Namen wie THE BATES, RYKER‘S, KING KHAN AND THE SHRINES, DARK VATTER, SUCK und THE LOST LYRICS. Die Bereitschaft sich innerhalb der eigenen Szene zu helfen, war enorm: Es benötigte nur wenige Wochen, um die Teilnahme sämtlicher Bands zu bestätigen sowie die erfolgreiche Finanzierung der Produktion zu realisieren. Sämtliche Songs, das Mastering, die künstlerischen Arbeiten von Künstler Philipp Hennevogl im Artwork der LP sowie alle Layout-Arbeiten wurden unentgeltlich zur Verfügung gestellt. Insgesamt bedeutet das in Zahlen: 2 Clubs, 18 Mitarbeiter*innen, 18 Bands, 70 Musiker*innen, 3 Mann für Sound, Grafik und Kunst. Neben dem vorrangigen Benefizcharakter ist die Compilation aber auch ein eindrucksvolles Portrait der Kasseler Subkultur. Diese steht in der Tradition der Kasseler Szene-Sampler-LPs der späten 80er, frühen 90er-Jahre – manche der hier vertretenen Bands und Musiker waren sogar schon damals auf den Samplern dabei. Erstaunt kann man feststellen, wie viel Kassels alternative Musikszene zu bieten hat. Eine Szene, die mit ihren Treffpunkten Mutter und Goldgrube zwei Herzen hat, die im Takt schlagen.
    LP lim
  • 01. Les Nouveaux Riches - 25 ans 03:35
    02. Strychnine - Ex BX 02:37
    03. Electrochoc - Chaise Electrique 02:18
    04. Gasoline - Killer Man 01:44
    05. Sexe a Pile - Pas Méchant
    06. Soggy - Waiting for the war
    07. Marie France - Dereglée
    08. Ruth Elyeri - Mescalito 03:17
    09. Les Olivensteins - Euthanasie
    10. Coronados - Elle m'attend tous les soirs01:46
    11. Dogs - Nineteen
    12. Warm Gun - Broken Windows
    13. Gloires Locales - Catalogue
    14. Guilty Razors - I don't wanna be a rich


    PAINK french punk anthems 1975-1982

    Mördergute Compilation von unsern Nachbarn links auf der Landkarte, die sich hiermit mal wieder ordentliche Pluspunkte holen können. Die Born Bad-Guys haben mit Paink nämlich die definitive Best-Of-Scheibe für Freunde von französischem 77er und KBD-Weirdo Punk zusammengetragen. 14 ganz große Tracks von u.a. Nouveaux Riches, Strychnine, Sexe A Pile, Marie France, Les Olivensteins, Dogs, Guilty Razors, ... Und alles absolute Überhits, Leute! Zudem kommt ein schickes aufklappbares Inlay mit, leider nur auf französisch. Für alle die in der Schule nicht aufgepasst haben (wie mich), gibts da immerhin coole Bilder zu gucken. Das gehört auch in deinen Schrank!
    EAN 3521381527223
    EAN 3521383427217
  • cover


    PUNK AND DISORDERLY - Chaos in the Streets

  • 01. Tanya Stephens – Welcome To The Rebelution
    02. Au Pairs – It’s Obvious
    03. X-Ray Spex – Identity
    04. Fea – Mujer Moderna
    05. The Bags – Babylonian Gorgon
    06. Fértil Miseria – Visiones de la Muerte
    07. Crass – Smother Love
    08. Rhoda with The Special AKA – The Boiler
    09. Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters – Maintain Control
    10. Skinny Girl Diet – Silver Spoons
    11. Big Joanie – Dream No 9
    12. Malaria! – Geld
    13. The Slits – Spend, Spend, Spend
    14. Poison Girls – Persons Unknown
    15. Bush Tetras – Too Many Creeps
    16. Grace Jones – My Jamaican Guy
    17. Patti Smith – Free Money
    18. Tribe 8 – Checking Out Your Babe
    19. Cherry Vanilla – The Punk
    20. Blondie – Rip Her To Shreds
    21. Sleater-Kinney – Little Babies
    22. The Selecter – On My Radio
    23. Mo-Dettes– White Mice
    24. Shonen Knife – It’s A New Find
    25. The Raincoats – No One’s Little Girl
    26. Vivien Goldman – Launderette
    27. Zuby Nehty – Sokol
    28. Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance


    Revenge of the She-Punks

    [engl] Since the historiography of punk is a male-dominated one, a »Revenge of the She-Punks« was long overdue. This feminist reckoning was written by none other than post-punk pioneer Vivien Goldman, who has an insider's perspective due to her work as a musician and one of Britian's first female music writers. Along four themes – Identity, Money, Love and Protest – the »punk professor« traces empow- ering moments that punk holds especially for women. This Compilation is inspired by the book, which was originally released by University of Texas Press in 2019. Compiled and with liner notes by Vivien Goldman.
  • 01. Destruct - Omnicide
    02. Destruct - Coming Terror
    03. Destruct - Two State Solution
    04. Destruct - Throughout The War
    05. Scarecrow - Sixth Mass Extinction
    06. Scarecrow - The Agreement
    07. Scarecrow - Compensation
    08. Scarecrow - Space Race
    09. Dissekerad - Uppåt
    10. Dissekerad - Mata Med Lögner
    11. Dissekerad - Girighet
    12. Dissekerad - Mot Vänster
    13. Rat Cage - Kill The Autocrats
    14. Rat Cage - Twist Of The Vice
    15. Rat Cage - Perfect World
    16. Rat Cage - Blitz Raid Bombers


    Screaming Death

    [engl]  The seeds of this project were planted in early 2021. The mission statement was to create a 4-way split 12” in the tradition of classic hardcore compilations in a similar vein as Thrash ‘Til Death. 4 bands from 3 different countries, each contributing several raging hardcore offerings – all fresh material unique to this compilation. DESTRUCT and SCARECROW from USA, DISSEKERAD from Sweden, and RAT CAGE from England all deliver their personal brand of bludgeoning raw hardcore punk at peak performance.
  • cover


    Single series vol. 1

    limitiert auf 250 Stück.