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    Finally this is a band that can compete with theee mighty TELL TALE HEARTS! After two smashing 45s on Shake your Ass (now deleted) and is the debutalbum!! A first look on the cool cover and you know what you will find inside: Primitive, stomping, manic Rhythm & Blues Garage Slop at it's best! 13 creeping killertunes in best style as their fave 60's bands, PRETTY THINGS DOWNLINERS SECT Q 65 and THE MISSING LINKS...or even wylder as their 80's faves, CRAWDADDYS or WYLDE MAMMOTHS!! Be prepared for some of the wildest moments in Rock'n Roll History..listen to 2 outtasite coverversions by THE SCORPIONS ( the Nederbieters, of course) & THE PRIMITIVES!

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    Fire tractaät

    [engl] Very few bands can say they’ve been together for seventeen years and still manage to find the way of making every album and every concert leave you with an even better taste in the mouth than the pr

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    Ambassadors of rock'n'roll

    It's time to introduce you to the new ambassadors of rock'n'roll and believe us, we're talking about the real thing! Here comes this band that has captured the musical phenomenon which
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    ...Play Good Music

    Die weltgrößte Power-Pop Band meldet sich mit ihrem vierten Album zurück, und wahrlich, der Titel stimmt. Hier hagelt es guitar-driven Power-Pop Perlen mit tollen Melodien am Fließband! Also eigen
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    17 desperate and all messed up

    ex PHANTOM RATS. Excellent japanese ?77 punk-rock with a big BAD BOYS influence
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    On my mind / Where to run

    The Nederbietels hail from world's largest portal town: Rotterdam, Holland.They are fine purveyors of raw European beat music and that garagey Nederbiet from Holland. The four Nederbietels are vet
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    Love all over again with?

    No idea how Ritchie of Screaming Apple always finds these great bands! This time he got ahold of talented & young Powerpoptrio from Sacramento, home of THE DECIBELS! Armed with Rickenbacker guitars an
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    Lodge party

    From Downunder Australia comes this Party Swinger!! This is the perfect Soundtrack for your next Cocktail Party!! Their Debut Album is a hip shaking mix of early 6t?s frat-rock, wylde garage-punk and
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