• 01. What You Do To Me
    02. Don't Wanna Come Back To You
    03. What You Said
    04. Yo Yo
    05. I Just Can't
    06. Don't Come Back
    07. Untouched By Life
    08. Where We Goin'
    09. My Life Is Tight
    10. Why Can't I See You Tonight

    SO WHAT!

    Hard Gum

    [engl] SO WHAT's debut LP is filled with stompers, hand clappers, and all the riffs that matter. Co-released by Just Add Water Records (USA) and Surfin' Ki (Italy). From the GLAMTASTIC pounding drums, Moogs, and big fuzzy riffs of "Where We Going" and "Why Can't I See You Tonight", to the EQUALS-esque "Don't Come Back" and "What You Said", this album is chock-full of HITS!
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    SO WHAT!

    Deep Freeze

    [engl] Cooler than a body on ice!". Oakland's So What is back with a bang with a hit single to follow-up their late 2016 long-player "Hard Gum"! We detect a heavy whiff of hard-nut Antipodean style grit

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    Won't You Make Up Your Mind

    [engl] First-time-ever unique pairing of two of COLOURED BALLS' most savage bangers. Talk about being ahead of your time. This would have been right at home on Chiswick Records circa '76. If only EMI
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    You Got What I Want

    [engl] In glorious MONO as nature intended. First time ever reissue of this absolutely savage 1965 UK MAXIMUM R&B/FREAKBEAT stomper. We love THE SORROWS, but we’ve always preferred The Boys Blue original v
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    The World's Not Big Enough

    [engl] Bonkers double album by former THIRD WORLD WAR singer/chopper guitarist, TERRY STAMP clocking in at 80 minutes with 20 tracks that have never been released on vinyl before. Recorded between 1980-1989
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    Liberate Rock

    [engl] COLOURED BALLS by the barrel-full, a double album with 16 tracks clocking in at 77 minutes. This collects all six of their singles released on the Havoc and EMI labels between '72 and '74, two
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    Bye Bye Bad Days

    [engl] The second and final installment in our HECTOR reissue campaign. After their stunning debut failed to chart, surely the public would picked up on the even catchier 1974 follow-up, "Bye Bye Bad Days",
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    I Ain't Got Time

    [engl] There’s “obscure” and then there’s this record. This is simply ROCKIN’ HORSE, featuring gods JIMMY CAMPBELL and BILLY KINSLEY, recording under a different name. Their incredible Yes It Is LP
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