• 01. Why Cry Why
    02. Goodbye Dan


    Why Cry Why

    [engl] UNRELEASED Glam/Proto Punk on the A-side, fuzzed out Syd Barrett-era Floyd style groover on the b-side. Sourced directly from the only known acetates and with Damon Lyon-Shaw’s very kind permission. These tunes from circa '73 and '70 respectively are seeing the light of day for the very first time. Restored and mastered by Danilo Silvestri (Giuda). Damon Lyon-Shaw has produced some of our all-time favorite records including The Factory “Path Through The Forest” single and Status Quo “On The Level” and “Blue For You” LPs. He is primarily known for his engineering work including The Who “Tommy”, Third World War “II” and some of the prime 70s Status Quo albums. During downtime at the I.B.C Studios in London, Damon and his fellow engineers, whom were all musicians, would cut their own songs in between sessions. These tracks were only pressed to acetates and given to those who played on the sessions and their friends. Finding not one, but two of these acetates from the same time period is a miracle.
    7" lim

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