• 01. Itchy Eye
    02. Might Not
    03. Mesh Tabbard
    04. First Xl
    05. Literally In The Lap Of The Gods
    06. (Bruce Lee's) Buffet
    07. If I Stop Carry On Without Me
    08. Northern
    09. Normal As Fuck


    Cabin Biscuits

    [engl] Fellow Glaswegians Sumshapes have an LP ?Cabin Biscuits ? (in consort with: Mon cul c’est du Tofu? and the band ?s own Gruff Wit) coming out 30th of June. Record release will be held in Glasgow that day, Followed by a week of giggles in France and Benelux.. finding some kinda shape as we type… Sumshapes are a pythagorean-skronk-pop trio that ?s not to be confused with one of our alltime favorite bands; DAWSON who were around in the late 80ies / early nineties.. who started out with exactly the same 3 members… new band, new music.. oh my godly and matured cremecheese.

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    Tizi Inzit

    [engl] Lahcen Akil comes from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and began writing songs at an early age. On a self-made lute he plays music that is very traditionally influenced, without any pronounced "Western"
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    Koala and other Metamorphoses

    [engl] After 2006, when The Noble Folly of rock’n’roll saw the light of day, we all thought that this cd, volume three of the series Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’roll, was Trespassers W’s swansong. Ind
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    [engl] Somewhere between Buffy Sainte Marie’s Illuminations, Nico’s Desertshore and Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes work, Sophia Djebel Rose gives us a first album to rank among the unclassifiable of folk musi
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    This is Zologo Beat

    [engl] This is the music being played on the cell phones, car speakers and sound systems in and around Bongo and Bolgatanga, the main city and capital of Ghana’s Upper East. This is the mix of local rhythm
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    Dans Le Lieu Du Non-Ou

    [engl] For the last ten years, Mélanie Virot and Maël Salètes have combined the pedal harp and the electric guitar to create the music of L’Étrangleuse, drawing inspiration from the traditional music o
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    Putoo Katare Yire

    [engl] In 2018 Ayuune Sule’s first full length album “We Have One Destiny” appeared on Makkum Records and Rebel Up Records. A solo tour in Europe followed in 2018 and 2019, when Ayuune Sule toured exte
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