• 01. Pleasure & Pain
    02. Endless Days
    03. Bastard
    04. Call Lane (just Me And You)
    05. Their Lies
    06. Con Orgullo y Amor
    07. I've Learned Today


    Perverted Law

    [engl] This new canadian band (with members of BOOTLICKER, NO HEART, LAST CRUSADE and SPLIT ARROWS among others) released a debut demotape last year that immediately catched my attention, i got a bunch of copies for distribution and instantly became one of my favourite demos from 2022. And they also featured 2 tracks on the British Columbia Bovver compilation also released last year. I got hooked up by their fresh hardcorepunk somehow taking influences from both shores of the north Atlantic Ocean, like if GANG GREEN and CIRCLE JERKS would be jamming with THE PARTISANS and THE SKEPTIX on a drunken party. Or something like that. So now it was time for their vinyl debut on their own and here you have 10 tracks (plus a little surprise exclusive for vinyl, not digital) of sharp, catchy, fast and piercing Punk Hardcore on a 45rpm 12inch under the title “Perverted Law”.

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    ORREAGA 778

    Bide Bakarra

    [engl] Originally released as a CD in 2006, the debut album of the basques ORREAGA 778 finally is reissued on vinyl. Remastered for the occasion by Daniel Husayn at his North London Bomb Factory studios, the
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    [engl] Debut release of this Catalan band with a strong mid-80's english OI! influence.
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    One For You

    [engl] This beast of EP is finally available on vinyl!!! More than a year after LA PARCA TE BUSCA, the label run by BRUX's guitar player Ivan, put out a 50 copies run of the tape version (although with d
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    [engl] Split 12" with the bands ORREAGA 778 from the Basque Country and GREBOL from Sweden.
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    King And Council

    [engl] Debut release of this new project born between both shores of the English Channel. Glammy hooks and swaggering bravado on a dark wavelength. This release goes from strength to strength like melancholi
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    [engl] Another great band from the town of Bermeo!!! These 4 tracks were released in june on a self-released demo tape and now we are doing a beautiful vinyl version. Great bare-knuckle rock'n'roll m
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