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    Amorruz Beteta

    [engl] First time i heard about these guys i couldn't belive it, kids between 15 and 17 years old playing their own type of Hardcorepunk, no "kalimotxo punk", no "party pseudo-Oi!", stylistically far from what any of their peers in bands would play around here, and i got imnediately hooked. Their demo was out in october 2020 and it didn't take long to sell it out, 200 copies that were gone in the middle of a world pandemic, with no gigs whatsoever. 2 years later these young lads from Gernika are back with 3 new songs mainly influenced by the early NYHC stuff like Straight Ahead, Rest In Pieces, The Abused or Cause For Alarm. This flexi 7" comes with silver foil stamped center art and it's housed in an inner cardstock bag with sticker and open jacket. There are 3 colour variants:

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    TANGO 14

    Kioskos, Bares y Tribunas

    [engl] Originally released as a CD in 2016 by the band themselves and Unión y Difusión 'zine and distro. More Pubrock and less Punkrock than "Esto Es Nuestro" album, but as catchy as the previous album
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    Kingdom Dolorous

    [engl] 3 years after their demo debut, this Dutch band got themselves in the studio to lay 8 new tracks of harsh, abrasive neandertal hardcorepunk for their vinyl première on a 12" with the title "Kingdom D
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    King And Council

    [engl] Debut release of this new project born between both shores of the English Channel. Glammy hooks and swaggering bravado on a dark wavelength. This release goes from strength to strength like melancholi
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    Demo 2018

    [engl] This is like the hidden gem of the Basque Country scene, very particular and unique, one of its kind, out-of-nowhere devastating attack. 6 tracks recorded in one sitting, altogether, for maximum pleas
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    Amorruz Beteta

    [engl] REVERTT, PURO ODIO, OGRO, STA.CRUZ and now ARESI, have emerged from this small town on the Basque coast in the last few years, building a small and great scene that keeps producing new exciting bands
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    [engl] Debut release for this mexican band, new project of members from HIMNOS and SPARROW 68, deeply into the BLITZ sound o influenced by UK82 punk, some sort of crossbreed between EXPLOITED and BLITZ. 5 s
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