• 01. Lentum Mortiis
    02. Blood Of The Serpent
    03. Endless Torment
    04. Seed Of Desire
    05. Celestial Deconstruction
    06. Age Of Extinction
    07. War
    08. Harmonic Divergence
    09. Marked For Death
    10. Destructive Security Command
    11. Fall Of Doldrey


    Celestial Deconstruction

    [engl] “Doldrey make a murky, gnarled, cranked-up form of music that splits the difference between old-school death metal, classic black metal and feral D-beat. They’re one of those bands where lo-fi recording is a true asset, since it makes them sound even more like cave-dwelling berserkers.” -Tom Breihan After a couple season sets worth of gestation, Doldrey has returned with “Celestial Deconstruction”, a proper full length that is decidedly more metal that their previous efforts. Make no mistake, this is still punk as hell but this time with more of a violent stenchcore feel (sans the ridiculous "epic" intros) mixed with Slayer breakdowns and evidence of early Celtic Frost played through the HM-2. Altogether a sound that is pure thrashing nastiness. 350 copies on black and 150 on silver 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with poster, lyric insert and download card included. Recorded by Izzad Radzali Shah.
    LP silver

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