• 01. Drip Drop
    02. Life-Changing Magic
    03. People of the Pod
    04. You’ve Got Mail
    05. Bart Simpson
    06. My Device
    07. Now I’m You (New Wave Blues)


    Gold Plus

    [engl] AOL released this full album and it’s definitely an… update… to the singular You’ve Got Mail song that was released towards the end of 2019. AOL out of Florida has some of the hardest, toughest, most down low and brutish riffs coming out right now. AOL is the palate cleanser for the entire swampy state. Sometimes you don’t want to be tuff. Sometimes you just need to nerd out on the internet with abrupt and angular guitar riffs while complaining about being an intern at the ole day job. If Android is the angry anti cyberpunk revolution on the frontlines, AOL is their nerdy tech assistance back at base. The songs are top notch and the recording is raw in all the right ways. What a time to be alive! Seriously, though, this tape is top-shelf stuff, so give it a whirl if it sounds like something you’d like to hear.

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