• 01. Super Giant
    02. Super Giant Continues
    03. The Mysterious Spacemen's Demonic Castle
    04. Earth On The Verge Of Destruction
    05. The Artificial Satellite And The Destruction Of Humanity
    06. The Spaceship And The Clash Of The Artificial Satellite
    07. The Space Mutant Appears
    08. The Devil's Incarnation
    09. The Poison Moth Kingdom
    10. Television
    11. New England
    12. Elyse
    13. Soup
    14. Milk


    Super Giant & World Music Oddities

    [engl] Teaming up again with the beautiful people of Australian great label Third Eye Stimuli Records, Six Tonnes De Chair bring you « Super Giant & World Music Oddities », the first ever pressing of the Uplifting Bell Ends adored « Super Giant » album (originally released in 2015), specially remastered by Mr. Owen Penglis and first time on vinyl ! To satisfy the die-hard fans, we’ve added bonus hits from earlier album « World Music ». Over the years Super Giant has become a cult-favourite for many. It takes us on a sonic journey through space, nostalgia, dystopian futures, people, love and who knows where else? The pressing comes in 100 black vinyl copies and 200 special transparent yellow realm vinyl. Wonderful new artwork by Luke Player, hand screen printed sleeves of course.
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