• 01. Pull Back Riddim
    02. What You Give (Inna Fire Style)
    03. New Born Dub
    04. Creepy Dub
    05. Calamity
    06. Yout Dem a Suffa (Majestic Version)
    07. Yout Dem a Suffa
    08. Creamy Dub
    09. Drift Into Dub
    10. Pass the Sheriff his Straightjacket (Many Holes Version)
    11. Headstepper


    Aftershock Dubs

    [engl] EM Records is proud to present the first new album release in 25 years from Australia's Sheriff Lindo, dubmaster of the Southern Hemisphere. His Ten Dubs That Shook The World [EM1119CD/LP], released in 1988, has been growing in stature since its release, supported by its re-issue on EM Records, and in the meantime the Sheriff has been working steadily, deep-local style, honing his skills with the Australian sound systems Firehouse Sound and Earthlink Sound. The tracks on Aftershock Dubs, recorded between 1990 and 2005, while never officially released, have been played as dub plates at sound system parties, proved movers, tested in the heat of action. Recorded at Lindo's 4/5 Studios, these specials were chosen by Japanese sound system savants Takuto Kuratani (Ruv Bytes) and Atsushi Muneshige (Touch the Sky/Corner Stone Music) from a cornucopia of goodness supplied by Sheriff Lindo, mastered by Kuratani for maximum impact. EM Records' first-ever Dancehall release is available on vinyl and CD, with two bonus tracks on the CD. One track features the vocals of Ras Roni; all tracks feature the experience-forged Dub sense of the Sheriff. More than a quarter-century of love, knowledge and soul-science has been distilled here. Don't miss it.

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