• 01. Maniacs - Revenge Of The Creature
    02. Maniacs - Violence
    03. Maniacs - What Can We Do
    04. Maniacs - Hardcore Punk
    05. Maniacs - Follow No False God
    06. Maniacs - Execution
    07. Maniacs - Grenada Today
    08. Maniacs - Brave Men
    09. Maniacs - Victim Of The Night
    10. Tin Can Army - Guten Morgen BRD
    11. Tin Can Army - Freedom
    12. Tin Can Army - Nothing Remains
    13. Tin Can Army - Yellow Lights
    14. Tin Can Army - Innocent Prostitutes
    15. Tin Can Army - Cop Of The World
    16. Tin Can Army - Jesus
    17. Tin Can Army - Rock'n Roll Is Dead
    18. Tin Can Army - White X Mas
    19. Tin Can Army - Underdogs



    [engl] One of the few German punk classics that has not been reprinted yet is the MANIACS / TIN CAN ARMY Split LP. MANIACS was a hardcore punk band that born in the summer of 1982 in Rotenburg from a few local bands (Blutverlust and Bunker). Which was connected from the beginning to the English hardcore punk style (G.B.H.VARUKERS, ONE WAY SYSTEM). In their texts, the band picked up on classic political point themes and sang against right-wing extremism and the established society. TIN CAN ARMY from Göttingen was the house band of the Juzi GÖ which was founded in 1982. The first release was released in 1983, the split LP with the MANIACS. The recordings were then recorded under pressure of time in the Musiclab in Berlin. Lyrically, Tin Can Army were very politically on the way, which was probably already too much for the label at the time, since a large part of the edition was supplemented by T.C.A. was not settled. The Ox-Fanzine described the band, which was quite rare, as "Best German intelligent Punkrockunderground, which is even more enthralling 20 years later." The split LP was released in 1984 at the time known in Germany label "Mülleimer Records" ( including Inferno, Normahl, Chaos Z and many others). The Rerelease comes in the original cover artwork as InsideOut version, plus a 24-page booklet (also with the information that was left out at the first edition) and a 30cm x 30cm flyer.

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