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SPOT (france)

  • 01. I Am One
    02. By The Way
    03. Portobello
    04. In My Dreams
    05. Free
    06. Who Are You
    07. Travelling Man
    08. Jersey Thursday
    09. I Know
    10. Oh What A Day
    11. Sabre Dance

    SPOT (france)


    [engl] An early seventies Swiss band that showcases heavy blues-rock in fusion with the psychedelic influences of other swiss bands like Krokodil or Country Lane. With excellent guitar playing. The Spot LP is one of the rarest from the European underground scene for sure; it was pressed across the border in France under contract like the Splendid label stuff was (Pacific Sound, Aftershave, etc.), which makes it highly unlikely that it ever made it past an initial order of a few hundred copies for their local fan base. If you like heavy rock with searing distorted wah-wah guitar, this has it. If you like the juxtaposition provided by the short acoustic numbers on the Tractor LP, Spot does that as well.
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