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  • 01. Let It Be 77 Again
    02. We Won´t Do It No More


    Let It Be 77 Again

    [engl] Who needs institutions? Who needs an international court and governments? Who f*cking needs Brussels? Liquid Breakfast, the new Power Pop sensation with members from the Netherlands, UK and Germany, gives us a new direction, and setting a new example for pan-European collaboration that works! All you need is fun, beers and good Power Pop Punk Rock and Roll! Liquid Breakfast, a collaboration between the founding members of CINDY & THE CHEESEWIVES and members of legendary Dutch Power Pop band ROTJOCH, was born in the summer of 2014. The new band clicked immediately and, as all good things come quick, within a day their first song, “Let it be ‘77 again”, was recorded. An ode to the first glory days of Punk, and a call for action to the new ones, you will find yourself challenged to not keep singing the chorus over and over again. The second song on the record, “We won’t do it no more”, is a big f*ck you to whoever thinks they know better what to do with their lives, from life coaches to pop song show hosts, the song builds on the same melodic Power Pop of the first, adding more speed, more handclaps and more backing vocals to top it all off. Listen to this one as the second song on the record, and try not to fall in love with Liquid Breakfast! Influences: The Beat, The Nerves, Rotjoch, The Sweat, The Boys, The Stiffs, Fast Cars
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