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    [engl] NIGHTSLUG's demo-tape has been remastered at the Tonmeisterei and is now available on vinyl for the 1st time. The 3 tracks are simple, heavy, raw, primitive, dark and gloomy, but at the same time, unique, powerful and atmospheric. These adjectives are not seen together very often, and that shows how special those tracks are. The disgustingly gloomy and ultra-low guitar riffs that dominate the songs are perfect throughout - so very crushing in its delivery. NIGHTSLUG's music is ecstatically powerful - thanks to their dynamic rhythm section in their drumming - sounds really bombastic. The bass is down-tuned, offering a slow and mourning, lurking riffing. Really important is the factor 'groove', and NIGHTSLUG definitely have this groove that bands like CELTIC FROST, HELLHAMMER and WINTER invented. Even the vocals have a nasty demon CELTIC FROST- touch. Deep grunts are the vocals that adorn the musical journey of this band. NIGHTSLUG, however, made a demo that isn't just angrily downtempo and muddily downtuned - it swings, and has a punk spirit. If you like anything even tangentially related to doom or sludge it is a mandatory purchase. There is none heavier!!! The one-sided, limited (315) LP comes with a screenprinted b-side and cover, black innersleeve and includes a digital download card.