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    [engl] Modern Pets were born in the beginning of 2009 by four friends who shared an unhealthy dosage of despise against the south German yuppie-zone around Stuttgart, as one of many band projects they already had. After a few first shows and a demo recorded in their practice room and released by F.Y.I.T.H. Records, it happened that everyone decided to put as much time as possible into the band, rather than get into the next boring job or another pointless band and so things started getting serious…. A first 7” was recorded in January 2010 by Smail Shock in Berlin, named “Killing Sounds For Rotten People” and hit directly into the picture that was drawn by 70s UK and 80s US Punkbands before. This release, which was followed by two European tours in summer and fall 2010, sold out within a few months and two more 7”s (re-release of the demo tape and “Vista-Alienation”) emphasized their standing as one of the hardest working bands in this genre! Meanwhile located in Berlin, they put out their first longplayer on P.Trash and Concrete Jungle Records, as well as Modern Action Records in the US in June 2011. This release was followed by a 4 week European tour in summer and another 2 week tour in fall, which brought the guys to countries like Switzerland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary […] and was extremely successful, which got them also a lot of attention by the European underground music press. Again the new record was sold out within a few weeks and needed to be repressed quickly. Now here ya go with four fresh tunes for a rotting Eurotour! “They lit their snot-filled crackerjacks on their cigarette butts and throw them straight into the face of all the yuppie scum and career advisors, covering the cities in good old 77´ styled Punkrock slime! Snotty and wild Punk songs with damn fine lyrics that will leave all hipster punks drooling in their fancy drinks and pissing their designer pants in awe.”