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  • 01. 400 Blows
    02. Ice Pop (Tastes Like Love)
    03. Hose in the Sand
    04. Rentboy
    05. Hot Test Sour Mash
    06. A Simple Case of a Wrenched Back
    07. Come Down and Dig
    08. Acid Western from the Heart


    L1V3 S1CK0 L0V3 F3ST

    [engl] Euphoric melodies and hard grooves clash with scorched tones and unhinged vocals in Cronies' fresh, young take on early '90s vibes. Cronies' bounce and vigor are likely to stoke the fires of old heads who grew up on Rage Against The Machine, Helmet, Butthole Surfers, and Beastie Boys, and will convert fans of current rippers like Turnstile and Show Me The Body. "Classic punked-up, grungy rock that sets aside the dreary attitude and embodies a mood worthy of a skateboard hill bomb in summer with friends. Guitar tones have crunchy textures, drums are positively locomotive in their movement and ceaselessness, and the emotive vocals smack of '90s Beastie Boys when they started using more effects." –Lambgoat "While, their sound may harken back to the noise-punk of the 90’s, their modern spin on these classic sounds puts them right up there with contemporaries in Show Me The Body and Venus Twins. This is a thick, grungy sound that has hints of psychedelia coupled with the use of electronics to further disorient and mess with your head. It packs quite the wallop. Whether the band is going full on raging, or mining the territory somewhere in between, they hit the sweet spot time and time again. This record proves that they are developing into quite the force." –New Noise "Cronies are an exciting new band hailing from New York City... Uplifting melodies, striking grooves, and manic vocals. With a nod to nineties noise rock and post hardcore... channels the spirit of Helmet and Rage Against The Machine among other past greats." –Destroy//Exist
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