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  • 01. This Is What?
    02. Move On Over...
    03. Undercurrent
    04. Riding High
    05. What They Sow
    06. Dead Wrong
    07. (Just Another) Union Song
    08. Red Sabbath (Instrumental) / Treason
    09. Forever Young
    10. Ain't My Brother's Keeper
    11. Sister
    12. Give Them Some More
    13. Bent But Not Broken
    14. Never Again


    Red Fury

    [engl] And boyee, if you liked the "The Revolution Continues", you will love this one. 14 songs and an intro, fast hardcore which ManLiftingBanner became famous for. You can hear a few DeadStoolPigeon influences. The record comes with a huge foldout sleeve, poster and stickers to spread the red revolution in 2014! You can order the record on red, white and black vinyl.
  • 01. Fighting In The Streets
    02. Wall Street Wars
    03. Song For Khaled Said
    04. Everybody Knows
    05. The New Gospel
    06. God Bless The Poor
    07. I Dream A World
    08. Empire
    09. Blood
    10. Spirit
    11. One Of Them
    12. Myth Of Freedom
    13. Sister (Part 0)
    14. Commitment
    15. Never
    16. Sister
    17. Donkey Shot
    18. Still Straight
    19. Rage
    20. B.Y.B.O.
    21. If
    22. No Compromise
    23. End The Fear
    24. Willing
    25. Balance The Books
    26. Consume And Kill
    27. The Other
    28. New October


    The revolution continues

    [engl] While so many on the left cried defeat and dropped their so-called 'old-fashioned' principles, ManLiftingBanner felt an urge to go against the grain. Included in this record you will find the entire "Myth Of Freedom" 7", "Ten Inches That Shook The World" 10", one compilation track and eight newly recorded songs from 2011. The new songs are done in the traditional hardcore punk style only ManLiftingBanner can pull off. Expect nothing less.29 songs for a new generation, but also for those who where with the band back in the days and for those who kept the revolutionary fire inside and outside of the hardcore punk community strong and burning. Last but not least, after almost 20 years all the ManLiftingBanner songs are finally available on vinyl again. Moreover, the record comes with a huge, fully coloured 12-page booklet with photos, quotes, all ther wrecked.