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  • 01. Ville En Flamme
    02. Coïncidences
    03. Par Sa Genèse
    04. Charcenne
    05. Vertige Et Vérité
    06. Herbes Folles
    07. Bois L'eau
    08. Silence
    09. Messine
    10. Dans Le Lieu Du Non-Où
    11. L'Arrivée
    12. Loisieux


    Dans Le Lieu Du Non-Ou

    [engl] For the last ten years, Mélanie Virot and Maël Salètes have combined the pedal harp and the electric guitar to create the music of L’Étrangleuse, drawing inspiration from the traditional music of a country that doesn’t exist. Tirelessly trapping the magic of almost nothing with two instruments that per se seem to have nothing in common, they increasingly tour in unexpected places. From this confrontation, a sort of chamber post-rock has emerged, a contemplative punk hymn to African music from the Arctic circle, a modal soundtrack and outwith the modes of a long waking dream. Seven years after their first album and three years after “Memories To Come” (produced by John Parish), the duo has conceived a third disc, “Dans Le Lieu Du Non-Où” (“In The Place Of No-Where”), completely sung in French and recorded at home. From dances of enchantment to end-of-the-world ballads, their new repertoire gives pride of place to the rotations of the jeli n’goni (Malian lute), while the harp borrows saturation and breaks from the electric guitar. The raw and natural sound offers a total immersion in what the group generates best on stage, where the duo is now accompanied by a percussionist.