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  • 01. Come Around
    02. In & Out
    03. Just A Minute
    04. Jasmine
    05. Hit It
    06. Ordinary Lover
    07. Ordinary Lover ft. Natty G


    Hamtramck '16

    [engl] After being on tour for much of 2015, Toronto-born singer and producer Daniel Benjamin found himself in a transitional phase. Burnt out from playing over one hundred shows that year, he parted ways with longtime friend and collaborator Maddy Wilde. He then relocated to Detroit, Michigan, settling in the diverse and densely populated neighbourhood of Hamtramck. Over the next year, Daniel immersed himself in Detroit’s dance music and DJ culture, which influenced the recordings he produced in his small room on Belmont Street. The tracks were rough, but luminous and very much homemade. Hamtramck '16 truly captured moments of self-enjoyment, of being in a new place with new friends, relaxed and open to exploring new ideas. The album is a humble documentation of Moon King’s shift into the domain of disco and synth-pop. Previously released via Montreal label Arbutus Records as a limited-edition cassette in 2017, our Petit Signal foundation is now releasing Hamtramck ‘16 for the first time on vinyl.
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