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  • 01. Then I Built My Own Violin
    02. Architecture
    03. Though I Speak In The Tongue Of Men And Angels
    04. Seven Days
    05. Ten Thousand Leagues
    06. Royal Air Force
    07. Braid
    08. Gospel Chariots
    09. Slims
    10. Call Me Ishmael
    11. Leaves
    12. In This
    13. It's A Gospel Song, Really


    Audio Flame Kit

    [engl] The 1996 full-length from the D.C. quintet, Corm. Members went on to Q and Not U, The Elusive, and The Maginot Line. Originally issued in 1996 as a co-release between Shute Records and Dischord Records. In 2005, Audio Flame Kit was re-mastered by T.J. Lipple at Inner Ear Studios and reissued on Polyvinyl Records with updated artwork. In 2023, Expert Work Records, and American Handstand released Audio Flame Kit for the first time on vinyl. Limited to 300 copies on opaque red vinyl, housed in a deluxe gatefold.
    LP red