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  • 01. Who´s Gonna Catch Me
    02. Mad-A-Lyn
    03. Watcha Got
    04. You Gotta Luv
    05. Oh My Don´t Cry
    06. Time To Pray
    07. He´s Comin´Down
    08. Baby Wants More
    09. I´ll Make You Cry
    10. Tornado
    11. I Got Problems


    the raw and primitive sound of

    [engl] the Christian Family is a 2 piece band formed in Arizona and Los Angeles Ann use to play in Cherie Cherie and Daniel Shircliff in The Freaks of Nature (Related Records) as there is not actually a Trash Rock or Gospel punk Scene in Phoenix they had to create their own style, same with the shows .. this is pure outsider music so they play far away from their town they played Funtastic Dracula in Spain as well Cosmic Trip in France ,Sister Rosetta is the king and queen of rock n roll and Little Richard is the step child of gospel they say that goes hand in hand and are their heroes and they Trash it up, Every singer is preaching something, and every preacher wishes he was fuckin Elvis! You can’t avoid gospel in rock n roll. It just makes sense and comes natural mixing the Staples Family and Garage Punk from the mid 60’s. And we ain’t scared of Jesus, pretty sure we could kick his ass. The Devils too dammit! and Religion, The ultimate divider this is like 100% perfect for Punk Rock right!! why Jesus? From what we’ve read, he’s what everyone then hated. Probably a rebel. Probably a gay, punk Muslim immigrant Jew in a Ramones shirt. So, our kinda people, we’d have a beer with him! they like dirty 50s rockers, tons of doo wop and girl groups, early Cramps, BO, The Masonics, Mississippi records gospel reissues, and fuckin MAGNETIX! and the Sex Organs