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  • 01. Condena
    02. Caos
    03. Darby Crash
    04. Descanse En Paz
    05. Venganza
    06. Puro Odio


    Demo 2018

    [engl] This is like the hidden gem of the Basque Country scene, very particular and unique, one of its kind, out-of-nowhere devastating attack. 6 tracks recorded in one sitting, altogether, for maximum pleasure and enjoyment, that made it into a demo tape released in 2018. Now we'll have it on vinyl and it shreds. (got the test pressing already, it fucking SHREDS) Harsh, cold, ripping tunes for the fans of the music made from the guts. No tricks, no overproduction, no bullshit. Welcome to PURO ODIO's world. It might be difficult to digest for some people who expect the same type of releases from each label over and over again and feed their comfort with the expected. But hey, we didn't start this to please everyone's ears but to release whatever the fuck we want, to release music that make us feel. If you are into old school, raw, blackened punk and hardcore, the first steps of black metal, if you are into broken melodies, nihilist lyrics and overall darkness, then it's your lucky day. Enjoy PURO ODIO.