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  • 01. HCO 97655
    02. Everything’s Changing
    03. Electric Sailor
    04. Disbelievin’
    05. I’ve Got Time
    06. Flowing By
    07. Bryte ’N’ Clear Day
    08. Trieulogy (I–Golgotha – II–Mirage – III–Rain)
    09. Lemonaide Kid



    [engl] A West Coast classic back on vinyl at last! Recorded in 1968, the lone album by the group known as Kak is a beloved masterpiece, full of the inspiration and promise associated with the California psychedelic dream. The oddly–named, eminently talented quartet from the college town of Davis was together less than a year from start to finish, yet within that short time created a record renowned for powerful performances, solid production values and the brilliance of its song craft, with a full playlist of compelling material like ’Electric Sailor, ’ ’Lemonaide Kid’ and ’Trieulogy.’ Kak can stand nobly alongside records like Surrealistic Pillow, Electric Music For The Mind And Body, Sailor or the first Moby Grape album, as one of the most satisfying listens of the late 1960s SF rock renaissance. This newly remastered vinyl edition features extensive liner notes by Kak aficionado Alec Palao, with contributions from band members Gary Lee Yoder, Dehner Patten, Joe–Dave Damrell and Chris Lockheed.
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